Your Brightest Life Journal: A Creative Guide to Becoming Your Best Self (Inspirational Book, Motivational Book, Creative Books) By

    The artwork in this journal is so beautiful, and the content goes as deep (or not) as you want it to go. I was a little surprised at how much verbiage there is and would have preferred a little less, but there's also plenty of room to write, so no problem. All in all, a journal that I love to use. I've given it as a gift to a number of friends, and besides the expected thank you so much I love it which might just be the courtesy card, they report later how much they've enjoyed using it. So it goes deeper than just lip service.
    (If you have found my review helpful, I'd really appreciate if you would click the Helpful button. Thanks so much for reading! Liz) I waited until I finished the journal before writing a review. Why? Because most such books grab my attention at the start and lose my interest about half way through. That didn't happen with Your Brightest Life. I looked forward to my journaling sessions so much that I felt sad when I turned the last page. But then I read Caroline's suggestion to return and tap into the journal again and again. I plan to read through it monthly and see what new insights it brings.

    My favorite section was Intention. It begins with the statement that you control the quality of your day and continues with the comment that life is not something that happens to you: YOU go out there and happen to life. Like many of Carolyn's observations, this was powerful and multilayered. As I worked through each exercise in the section, I uncovered another aspect of my ability to happen to life. I won't go so far as to say that I experienced a revelation, but I certainly gained a new and valuable perspective on how I influence and interact with the circumstances I encounter.

    I highly recommend Your Brightest Life to anyone who is open to a creative, multifaceted journaling experience. And don't be afraid to mess up this beautiful work of art. I let Caroline's art inspire me to make a pretty mess, and I'm better for the experience. Full Disclaimer I'll admit that I wanted to like this book. I've followed Caroline online for a couple years and have been super impressed by both her talents and the transparency with which they are showcased. Through that engagement, I've gotten a ton of value.

    But the book wasn't for me. I bought it for my 18 year old daughter in preparation as she leaves college. I know when I was her age I certainly wasn't thinking about my future in the terms Caroline lays out in the book, but I wanted my daughter to have a shot at doing things differently. Better. That's where it get's good.

    First, the book is colorful and engaging. It's playful yet complete on many levels. It can be used superficially or in depth and so far I've been happy to see that she's done a bit of both. She's 18 I don't expect her to have enough life experience yet to anticipate the challenges ahead of her but by answering the questions that Caroline has posed and writing answers she can refer to, I know she'll at least be thinking about the right questions and have a perspective in place that let's her better frame life as it happens.

    Anyway, I think the book was very well made, and it made for a great gift not just a journal, but a look down the path towards the life any sane person wants. Hard to do all that and be easy to follow at the same time! I’m sure I’ll have to update this review once I actually complete the journal but I have to say the experience of flipping through it has already been worth the money. It is a stunningly beautiful piece of art. It’s everything I would expect from the artist/author and . The color and design detail in every page is worth the purchase price. Masterfully done. I have not been as excited about a book coming out since the Harry Potter series were coming out. I love everything Caroline creates and this book is like a culmination of all the best things she puts out there. I’m blown away by how much she fit into a 195 page book. I have already read the whole thing and I’m excited to go back in and fill in the unique journal prompts. All of the beautiful color and words will brighten anyone’s day.
    Side note: the foil on the colorful cover makes me so happy! And on the back, the blurb and barcode is on a removable sticker so I can have a clean design which I really appreciated! It’s the little things. :)

    This vibrant workbook helps journalers discover their inner truths, unlock potential, and achieve success. Thought provoking writing prompts, questions, and interactive practices for creativity, self care, and mindfulness encourage fulfillment in all aspects of life. Packaged in an eye catching flexi case and brimming with beautiful artwork and handlettered messages of encouragement, Your Brightest Life is a cheerful companion on the path to a joy filled life. Your Brightest Life Journal: A Creative Guide to Becoming Your Best Self (Inspirational Book, Motivational Book, Creative Books)

    I wanted to journal but looked for something with guidance/prompt so I have a starting point; the prompts were interesting and helped me to come up with some insightful journal entries. Good paper quality and colors. I really enjoy using this journal. I would have ordered this book for the artwork alone, but it turns out the content is pretty great, too! I'm only a few sections in, but already, Caroline has inspired me to take a look at myself in ways I've never considered. Right now, I'm especially loving the section where she asks you to look at the various layers of your life and honestly reflect on how the world sees you, how your closest friends see you, and how you see yourself. It's fun to bring a creative element to self reflection, and I can't wait to work my way through this journal!

    If you like this journal, you'll love everything Caroline and her husband, Jason, create. They are some of the most authentic, humble, encouraging, creative people I've ever encountered. I love the colorful pages the art the gorgeous exciting pages that get you to fill them out and use them. And to be able to bring out our brightest life is even before. I think we could all use that. I've been working my way through this book for about a week now. It is inspiring, challenging, useful, beautiful, and really fun to work on! Mine is starting to fill up with colours and doodles, and every page is becoming a lesson I appreciate going back to. The instructions are clear and well written, the stories are lovely and the paper is great quality so only my very strongest markers bleed through. I am also loving all the little quote pages throughout. A real joyful journal that has helped me focus in on what I really want. This journal is so good! It made look into myself and I feel it’s made my life better ❤️❤️

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