Who Is Mickey Mouse? By Francesco Artibani

    Celebrate Mickey's 90th anniversary with this original collection featuring a brand-new eight-episode story that will be treasured by fans of Mickey Mouse and his friends for decades to come!

    When Mickey is struck with amnesia, it's up to his closest friends to remind him who he is and what he stands for! Join Goofy, Minnie Mouse, Pluto, Donald Duck, Uncle Scrooge, Eega Beeva, and more as they help celebrate the True Original that is Mickey Mouse in a story that will resonate with Disney fans young and old. Drawn by eight of Disney's top artists, this special collection is the perfect way to celebrate Mickey's magical milestone! Who Is Mickey Mouse?

    Nothing fancy, just a simple Mickey Mouse story that works well for the younger audiences while not dumbing down the story to the point that adults can’t enjoy it.
    I really liked the consistent art despite multiple artists. One of my comic book pet peeves is when there is a drastic change in art, especially in a single story arc. Paperback


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