When God Takes Too Long By Joseph Bentz


    A beautiful and helpful book that goes far beyond trite cliches on how to handle disappointment, frustration, and waiting in a manner befitting a follower of God. Job could've used this. Fiction, Christian, Nonfiction

    One of the greatest frustrations of the Christian life is having to wait for God to act. We wait, sometimes for years, for our prayers to be answered, for our deepest longings to be fulfilled.

    Some devoted Christians get stuck in dead-end jobs even though they feel certain they could serve God in greater ways if only He would open the opportunity. Why doesn't He? Some wait for a godly spouse, some couples wait for the gift of children, and some, who have dedicated their lives to serving the Lord, wait in disappointed bafflement as their work seems to yield no fruit. Why?

    As Christians, we yearn to serve the Lord, to step forward and obey Him like the great heroes of the Bible, but we are confused, waiting for clear orders, kept at a distance by the invisible barriers of God's silence, His inaction, or His unhurried pace.

    In When God Takes Too Long, Joseph Bentz examines the mysteries of God's timing and shows Christians how to thrive in the midst of one of life's greatest frustrations--waiting. He offers those who have been discouraged by a life of waiting a chance to alter not only their perspective on waiting, but also their actions in response to it, transforming this frustration into a positive force that will enrich and change their lives.

    When God Takes Too Long addresses:

    How not to wish (or wait) our lives away
    How to better understand the nature of time
    How to master the discipline of waiting
    How to cast off the boundaries of time to view our lives from an eternal perspective

    When God Takes Too Long