We're In This Together: A Caregiver's Story By Rob Harris


    Rob's story is so similar to what I've been through. It's not only a story about care-giving but about love, perseverance,and getting the most out of each day. We're In This Together: A Caregiver's Story A beautifully written, heart wrenching story of a caregiver. I am not a caregiver, to be honest I only really got this book because it was free on amazon for one day, but this book offers some amazing advice to caregivers. We're In This Together: A Caregiver's Story While all our Caregiving journeys are different, Caregivers have that special bond because we all understand what it is like to be in the 'trenches!' Rob does a wonderful job of taking us through his caregiving journey, while applying great tips for all Caregivers. Rob's writing is real and from the heart. This is just as much of a love story as it is a caregivers journey. Come to think about it, love and caregiving go hand in hand! Great work Rob! We're In This Together: A Caregiver's Story A beautiful account of a man's devotion to caring for his cancer stricken wife. Truly inspiring. We're In This Together: A Caregiver's Story

    You have cancer. These three simple words strike terror in the hearts of anyone diagnosed with this horrific disease. For any spouse, friend, partner, or relative, the news can be just as devastating. Suddenly, you find yourself in the role as caregiver. You want to help, but how? This heartwarming story offers insight into the life of the author, who stood by his wife's side as she confronted not one, but two very deadly episodes of cancer. The strategies provided in this touching book will benefit any new or even veteran caregiver, as well as patients, family members, friends, and members of the medical community that are wondering what they should know and do if, or when, personally confronted with a loved one or friend with a debilitating illness or injury. We're In This Together provides 70 Caregiver Tips learned during the author's journey as a caregiver, including: Receiving the news: How do I manage my emotions and still be supportive? Understanding diagnoses and treatments: Tracking the details that matter. Spending time in the hospital: How the new normal can be inspiring and even fun. Becoming the great communicator: Sharing the news with friends and family. Handling setbacks and overcoming obstacles: Finding the good in every stinkin' day. Taking care of yourself: Balancing the demands of caregiving with your own personal needs. This emotional true story reads like a fast-paced, gripping action novel. At the same time, it's informative, thought provoking and a book you will not soon forget. The number of caregivers in the United States is staggering. According to the National Family Caregivers Association's caregiving statistics, more than 65 million people (that's 29 percent of the US population) provide care for a chronically ill, disabled, or aged family member or friend during any given year; on average, caregivers devote 20 hours per week providing care for loved ones. This book provides every caregiver, regardless of the reason or length of time they have been in this position with the valuable tools they need to navigate through their medical journey. The author provides solutions and support for dealing with the mental, physical and emotional aspects of caregiving. Being a caregiver can be a wonderful experience. It can change your life, all for the better. By reading this book, you, too, can appreciate every single day in a way you have never experienced before or ever thought imaginable. Here's What Others Are Saying About This Book: Romantic and real, practical and inspiring, Rob Harris has struck a nerve with his helpful book about the journey he has been on with his wife. Caregiving unlocks the hero inside each of us, if we can just get past the fear. Rob shows us how to do that and reminds us that love really does transcend everything. If you're on a caregiving mission or if you just need to come face to face with humanity at its best, this book is for you. Leeza Gibbons, TV host and founder, Leeza's Place: A Place for Family Caregivers I am so impressed with this book! My vision is that this book would be a valuable addition to medical school and nursing school curriculum, serving as a trigger to help health professionals, patients, and caregivers alike understand what person-centered care really means. After all, we're in this together. Michael Fisch, MD, MPH, FACP, FAAHPM, chair, Department of General Oncology, MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX A passionate and heart-wrenching page-turner that eloquently captures the joys and frustrations of becoming a caregiver. An absolute must-read for anyone with loved ones fighting for their lives. Karen Glowacki, communications director, WhatNext.com We're In This Together: A Caregiver's Story

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