Web of Evil (Ali Reynolds, #2) By J.A. Jance

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    The mystery intrigued me, but some of the actions of the main character were unrealistic and not believable.

    Ali is ready to finalize the divorce between herself and her husband, Paul. Paul can't wait either, since he is planning to marry his 8 month pregnant girlfriend, the day after the divorce. Unfortunately, neither of their plans end up happening, since Paul gets up getting killed the night before the court date. Ali is named the prime suspect, as she gets quite the fortune since they never finalized the divorce (and Paul never changed his will). More events unfold and Ali is determined to find the killer.

    I really enjoyed the mystery aspect. I wanted to find out who killed Paul and more importantly why did they kill him. However, Ali annoyed me, as she begins to blog about the ongoing murder investigation and following events. I also don't understand why Ali needed to be involved in everything. She is an ex-news anchor and doesn't have any detective or police experience.

    I'm unsure if I want to continue this series. Could be a good beach/vacation read. Hardcover 3 Stars for Web of Evil: Ali Reynolds Book 2 (audiobook) by J. A. Jance read by Karen Ziemba.
    I really liked how I’ve been to nearly every place mentioned in the story and I’ve driven on every highway in the story. I really want to like this but the moral high ground coming from a former SoCal TV reporter seems a little unbelievable. Then there is all of the crazy situations the author is putting the characters through. It just seemed a bit much. And I just got done with a Dan Brown novel. Hardcover I finally quit. I had to. Ali had just become so ridiculous I couldn't stand it for another second. I wanted to punch her.

    I think the theme of don't tell me what to do!!!!!!! is an unintentional one by the author, but two of the main characters have meltdowns around people giving them completely sensible advice. And, really, Ali had no cause to get all angry since she NEVER listened to any advice that anyone ever gave her, even while whining about how much money she was spending on lawyers to get said advice.

    I assume that in the remaining pages she once again went against the good advice given and ended up getting her life threatened only to make it out alive (fine, get rescued from her own idiocy) and be completely cleared of alllllllllllll charges.

    PS. Who ever thinks, hey this person is armed and crazy. The police totally are NOT the right people to send in to do this. In fact, I won't even call them. They'll just think I'm wrong anyway. So I'll go in and have a glass of water with her and tell her that she's doing everything wrong. Even when she tells me repeatedly that she's tired of people telling her what to do... Ahem.

    What a mess. My favorite part is when Ali's father and son both come to LA, but they never actually show up in the story. Or at least they hadn't when I abandoned all hope and I vaguely remember her saying they'd gone home again. WHAT WAS THE POINT OF THEM GOING TO LA????????????????


    I don't think I'll read another in this series. I have heard good things about other series by this author, but I don't think I'm ready to bite that bullet yet. Hardcover I finished this book, but boy, did I hate it. Other reviewers have covered the serious flaws around Ali Reynolds' unpleasant demeanor and the unnecessary extra plot twist at the end of the book, so I won't comment further. What I do need to talk about is THAT STUPID BLOG.

    I realize the book is ten years old and blogs were less common then than they are now. Still; a woman is questioned in the murder of her soon-to-be-ex-husband, goes home and blogs about it, and the police are just like, We wish you hadn't done that, but eh?? What sane adult thinks it could possibly be a good idea to comment in an online public forum on these issues while they are unfolding? Does Ali Reynolds have no idea how police investigations and legal trials go? Does she just not care about contaminating the investigation? The fact that the police never arrested Ali for interfering with an ongoing investigation is mind-boggling.

    I hope cutitlooseblog.com gets a virus and has to be shut down. Hardcover Romanul a aparut in 2007 si face parte din colectia 'Suspans' a editurii Nemira. Titlul cartii Web of evil face referire la faptul ca personajul principal detine un blog online in care isi povesteste viata.
    In prolog suntem martorii unor evenimente cumplite in care un barbat se trezeste legat fedeles in portbagajul unei masini care se deplaseaza pe autostrada Los Angeles - Palm Springs. Soferul lasa masina pe sinele de tren si barbatul din portbagaj, constient si infricosat, aude trenul venind, neputand sa faca nimic ca sa se salveze. Ultima imagine pe care o avem cu el este cand acesta e taiat in bucatele.
    O cunoastem apoi pe Ali Reynolds, care are un blog numit Cutlooseblog.com. Ea povesteste acolo ca este pe cale sa se definitiveze divortul de sotul ei si ca va trebui sa conduca pentru asta 8 ore de la Sedona pana la Los Angeles. Acesta o parasise pentru o femeie mai tanara care urmeaza sa-i nasca un bebelus cat mai curand. Ali mai povesteste ca si seful ei a dat-o afara, pierzandu-si postul de reporter de stiri pentru a gasi pe cineva mai tanar care da mai bine pe camera. Ea marturiseste ca incearca sa depaseasca situatia, sa nu se lase coplesita de amaraciune si ca doreste sa inceapa o noua viata.
    Pe drum spre Los Angeles Ali vede accidentul feroviar si se bucura in acel moment ca nu mai este reporter. Ajungand la tribunal, fostul ei sot nu se prezinta la infatisare si curand aflam ca a murit.
    Detectivii ancheteaza cazul si pentru ca Ali il mosteneste, acestia considera ca a avut suficiente motive ca sa-si omoare sotul. Din acel moment devine suspecta principala.
    Mi s-a parut amuzant ca fiul personajului principal, Cristopher, preda sudura artistica la liceul din Sedona. Initial nu stiam ce inseamna acest lucru sau daca traducerea a fost neinspirata, insa cartea precizeaza destul de clar ca trebuie sa termini UCLA pentru asta. Iata asadar ca trebuie sa mergi la facultate ca sa inveti sa sudezi si sa predai sudura. Documentandu-ma apoi am descoperit ca exista destule asemenea cursuri (artistic welding) si reprezinta un fel de sculptura in metal ale carei rezultate arata chiar foarte interesant.
    De asemenea, la pagina 26 aflam ca in California cel care doreste sa obtina un verdict rapid la procesul sau poate sa angajeze un judecator privat. Tribunalele private functioneaza paralel cu tribunalele de stat doar ca judecatorii solicita onorarii.
    Reteaua raului este un roman bun dar intriga politista mi s-a parut subtire, protagonista este foarte naiva bagandu-se singura in tot felul de necazuri si sunt prea multe discutii nerelevante cu foarte multe personaje secundare care nu au nicio pondere in solutionarea cazului. Am ajuns la concluzia ca putea fi mai scurt de 430 de pagini.
    In incheiere este un roman pe care-l puteti incerca, nu va va impresiona din cale afara, insa nu este nici plictisitor sau foarte slab. O sa va dati la final seama ca-i lipseste sarea sau piperul. Dupa gust.

    The highway from Los Angeles to the Palm Springs desert is parched, unforgiving, and deadly. In the suffocating stillness of a car trunk, a man -- his mouth and hands bound with tape -- awaits his fate. What possible enemy could be bitter enough to commit such a heinous crime? And when will the monster make another move?

    Ali Reynolds is traveling that same blistering, lonesome highway, looking forward to putting her past behind her. But her cheating husband is in a hurry for a divorce, and the television network who wrongfully dismissed Ali for the sole sin of being over forty will face her in court as well. So Ali must return to the scene of these crimes. As she passes the site of a horrifying accident, she thanks goodness it's no longer her job to report the news. Until she finds out the news is her own. . . . For the victim is Ali's cheating husband, and soon she'll find herself the prime suspect at the center of a terrifying web of evil.

    A twisted and lethal drama of heart-pounding suspense, Web of Evil asks the question: If hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, just what punishment could that fury unleash? Web of Evil (Ali Reynolds, #2)


    Don't buy it.

    I purchased their his book for my kindle. I regret it. If you have read any of the other 1 star reviews, you will know why this story is blah. I don't know how a suspect could continue to disregard an attorney's advice and stay out of jail.
    I didn't read the whole book. I skipped to the end to find out who did it. Don't waste your time. Hardcover I have a nice collection of J A Jance novels. A combo of Beaumont and Brady mysteries that I am forever intending to read. This is an Ali Reynolds mystery. Copyrighted 2005. I wasn't as familiar with this character as her other two series, and there are more Ali Reynolds books besides this one. I have to admit though that I liked this book for many reasons and then at the same time I had a hard time staying focused on it. I loved how Jance used blogging as an integral part of the story as well as featuring modern technology we use every day such as computers, laptops, GPS devices etc. These things are a part of our everyday lives and blogging is something all of us have at least read from time to time and probably subscribe to more than a few. The story is about Ali finding out her soon to be ex- husband has been murdered. She is initially a suspect and has to find the truth with the help of a her mother and friend Dave. The web is tangled indeed and there are more than a few bad guys all with their own motives. The author is very knowledgeable about the location, which in this case is LA. The story moves along at a nice clip, but I got a little bored at times for some reason. Lots of action toward the last though made up for it. Overall, not a bad 383 pages. Hardcover This is the second in Jance's Ali Reynolds series and takes place in Los Angeles after Ali's soon to be ex-husband is found murdered. I read an online review that called this story uninspired and described the plot developments as clumsy, and to be honest, I think that reviewer was being kind. Ali Reynolds is the least like-able of all Jance's protagonists. There really is no reason to read this one. Hardcover I've liked a number of books by Jance in her Joanna Brady series but so far this series doesn't seem to be working for me. Ali felt way to TSTL and many of the situations felt eye rolling or contrived.

    May try the next book but... Hardcover Could hardly believe that J.A.Jance could have possibly written this. I've read all of her Beaumont and Joanna Brady books, which while very different from each other in locale and protagonists, both were literate, intelligent and complex in stories and characters. Not true here. The language was simplistic and the protagonist was at best adolescent in her behavior and actions. I was reading #2, because I knew I had read #1 a long time ago and didn't want to re-read it. It must have been all right, because you'd think I would have remembered thinking it was sub-par. Or my reading criteria have considerably evolved! Hardcover