Water Thief (Universal Companions, #1) By Julia Golding

    Meet George - the youngest Universal Companion - and his best friend, Malvin, the rudest goblin on Earth. The world is spinning into environmental disaster and the Society for the Protection of Mythical Creatures has swung into action to defend it. George is put in charge of his first mission and sent to the island paradise of Zanzibar to hunt for disappearing water sprites. But how is he going to succeed with a changeable weather giant, a single-minded cyclops, a haughty phoenix, not to mention a certain grumpy goblin on his team? Yet George is to learn that the biggest enemy is the one you can't see until it is too late. Water Thief (Universal Companions, #1)

    Julia Golding Ô 2 Characters

    'Water Thief' is the continuation of my favourite series of all time, the Companions Quartet. I've wanted to read this book for ages, and I am so happy that I've finally gotten around to do it.

    The plot is really interesting and took me completely by surprise, the characters, both old and new, are immensely enjoyable and just as realistic as ever and the writing is, as always, absoulutely beautiful.

    But despite all these good things, there are some things that bugged me.

    Water Thief takes place 13 years after the last Companions book, and you can really feel how time has passed. Everything is different, but for the main character, George, it's just the way things are. This means that we don't really get an in-depth explanation of everything we've missed, which in turn left me a bit confused. It also felt really weird that suddenly, everyone from the previous books had grown up and changed.
    The book is also very, very short. With just 204 pages to tell an entire story, the plot feels a bit rushed, which then leaves little room for explanations.
    I feel like the story would've felt less rushed, if it had been about the same length as the previous books, around 300 to 400 pages.

    But despite these things, I really enjoyed Water Thief and I really, really hope that some day there will be a sequel to continue this amazing world that Julia Golding has written. English This was a good book, and it is funny. English Ok sequel

    I loved the Companions Quartet. This book intrigued me since it takes place many years after the previous series ended. We get to see a new era headed by Connie and follow a brand new cast of characters. George, who was introduced in Chimera’s Curse, is the main character. This time, the stakes aren’t Kullervo but another similarly jaded being. The goblin companion is entertaining at times. This book has a younger feel than the quartet not in writing style but in character voice. Nonetheless, the adventure is interesting as are the new encounters. While not my favorite, it’s still a good book with good writing. English When I was about eleven or twelve, I read and re-read The Companions Quartet, and, upon discovering that THERE WAS A SEQUEL SERIES, I of course devoured this! I don't remember much of it (except that it wasn't my favorite). It's definitely worth the re-read, though! :) English A Wonderful Sequel!!

    I neeeeed more Conie!!! English