Wanted by the Alpha Lion (Heroes of Shifter Creek #2) By Clara Moore

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    This was a freebie that was included with the first book of the series.

    Don't waste your time. This 'book' is about the length of a regular book's single chapter. Just when things start to get interesting, it abruptly ends. Ridiculous. Kindle Edition Received this free Arc copy from the author for an honest review.
    Oh absolutely loved it. So romantic in a primal way. Cassia meets Gowan a white Lion in the zoo she works at. He looks so sad. After stopping an attempt on his kidnapping,she leaves with him. This is a story of finding ones life mate and sacrifices you decide to make to protect that love. Wanted it to be longer but it was just perfect Kindle Edition Where to start..where to start..

    Got the entire series for free. I read the first book, was not a fan of that one either but decided to give the second a shot.

    I didn't like it. I know it is short, but the whole thing just felt too fake and rushed for me.

    Didn't connect with any of the characters ( that have to happen before I like a book)

    Only thing I was happy about was the fact that it was free. I would have been very upset if I had paid for this.

    I don't think I will continue with the rest and I am sad to say that I won't recommend.

    I always appreciate authors who are brave enough to share their stories with the rest of us, but I am sorry to say that this one didn't make the cut for me.

    Kindle Edition Different kind of shifter book. But a good different. Loved the surprises. It is an interesting short read. I was given an ARC in exchange for an honest review. Kindle Edition Given ARC by author for an honest review.

    A white lion in mythology is the child of the sun. And when one is brought into the zoo, Cassie can't wait to see him. She is drawn to see him night after night.

    Gowon is a lion shifter stuck in his animal form. He is caught and brought to a zoo. But on first site of Cassie he know she is his. Now can he escape the zoo, shift to a man and have his woman?

    The only problem with this book is that I wished it was longer. Kindle Edition


    She knew right from the beginning that this white Lion was different

    While working as a researcher at a zoo, scientist Cassie Judd is surprised when a white lion is brought in overnight. With his pale fur and grey-green eyes, Cassie is mesmerized by the beast, but something about him troubles her. He seems… different. He possesses sadness and intelligence that unsettles her, provoking her to visit him often, hoping to earn his trust.

    During one of her visits, she catches a couple trying to steal the white lion, only to learn he is more than he seems. The white lion is an alpha shifter named Gowon who has been cursed by a rival pride, unable to shift back into his human form… until Cassie saves his life, releasing him from the curse.

    As a lion, Gowon got Cassie intrigued. Now that he’s a man, she’s in love. They’re mates, destined for each other. But their love knows no peace. Gowon is afraid to shift into his lion form, convinced the lift on the curse is only temporary. However, he knows that with Cassie and his pride to protect, it is only a matter of time before he must shift again, which might separate him once more from the woman he loves.

    Warning : this ebook containts mature themes and language intended for 18+ readers. HEA ending
    Wanted by the Alpha Lion (Heroes of Shifter Creek #2)


    That was something lot different them other lion shifter romances
    Kindle Edition