Understanding Media Economics By Gillian Doyle

    This was my core textbook for my course on Media Management, so I had no choice but read it.
    Also, it is written by my professor, so, yeah, no choice.
    I am just kidding. The book is a great start to understanding how the media companies' financing and economics works. This particular edition, although a little outdated, looks at each industry/category one by one: print media (newspapers, magazines), electronic media (TV, films) etc.
    Our course module was also well laid out, so it helped to read the book before and after lectures to comprehend the concepts.
    At academic levels, additional reading would be necessary and preferred, but as a started, this is a great assessment of your penchant for media economics. Gillian Doyle If ever a book was a dry read, sheesh. Gillian Doyle Evidently, it is solely targeted at academic audiences, and thus it doesn't make for a gripping non-fiction read. Gillian Doyle

    Understanding Media Economics provides a clear, precise introduction to the key economic concepts and issues affecting the media.

    The book: explains the fundamental concepts relevant to the study of media economics; considers the key industrial questions facing the media industries today; relates economic theory to business practice; covers a wide range of media activity - advertising, television, film, print media, and new media; and looks at the impact of economics on public policy. Understanding Media Economics

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