Two Roads By Chris Crowe

    I love this book!! I read it yesterday for about the fourth or fifth time. It's a quick read; only 150 pages or so. It is a sort of love story/ tragedy, and revolves around several LDS youth. It really makes me think how short life is, and how it can end at any moment. There is no time to have fun now and shape up later. All we have IS now. A light, but thought-provoking story. (That's sort of an oxymoron...oh, well.) 0884949206 A nice little book. I liked how the two plotlines were juxtaposed on one another with the main one being told in a series of flashbacks. I would have liked more development of the mission companion plotline and a better fleshing out of Elder Newcomb's character he still seemed like a Peter Preisthood-Mama's boy-Nerd stereotype at the end, and I am not sure that is what the author really intended. 0884949206 This book is about a young man that finds himself at a crossroads in his life. His father is totally against Mormons in fact writes anti- literature about them and distributes them. However, Jared has noticed something different about the Mormons and wonders how much of that way of life he wants dispite what his father does. When tragedy strikes it makes his decision even more difficult to make. Lots to think about in this book . I gave it 4 stars as I liked it, and it offered more than a lot of books I read. 0884949206 The car crash still haunts Jared, for it was the night Leisel died. Its been two years and he is ready to serve his LDS mission. He cant help but think how much his life would be different if he hadn't met Leisel and been introduced to the gospel, as well as what choices he made to get him to this incredible chapter in his life.
    This book is great for both boys and girls 14-18.
    I would put a trigger warning on this book for anyone who might have lost someone they love to a car crash, yet it could also help them heal from it as well.
    0884949206 I really liked this book because it reminded me that even when loved ones pass, there is hope in the true church. If we do our part to serve and love others, we will find happiness even in the time of sorrow. The only thing that could have been better if it was just alittle longer of a story. Over all, it was really good. 0884949206

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    Jared Hills has been haunted by the car crash every night. It was the night everything changed. It was the night Leisel died.
    Now, two years later, as Jared reflects on his life, he can't help but wonder at the chain reaction of choices that led him to this: a black nametag and a calling to serve as a missionary of God.

    It had been Leisel who had first sparked Jared's interest in the gospel. She and Rob had befriended Jared early on in his senior year of high school. But even as all of Rob's choices seem to be leading him away from the Church, all of Jared's choices were drawing him closer to it--and to Leisel. And on the night of the horrible crash, Jared finally understands how life-changing the consequences of a choice can be. Two Roads

    Let's see, I'm probably supposed to say it was inspiring a heartfelt story of a young man who finds the truth and things like that.

    Here's what I say instead: trite, formulaic, predictable, preachy. Exactly the type of low-grade propaganda fiction that makes check-list Mormons feel good, feel right, feel justified.

    It's basically mental hygiene. Everything that happens serves the purpose of the plot; everything about each character is laid out in advance to keep that plot moving in its cheerfully paved rut. And the ending of the book felt so platitudinous and ready-made that I felt myself getting miffed with a book that could tie up so many loose ends with such astonishing neatness.

    This book was supposed to be about life, from the way it is presented. But it isn't. It's just about the plot of the book. A feel-good Mormon story.

    The writer, Chris Crowe, doesn't lack talent. He can put words down and manufacture dialogue better than many Mormon authors. But it takes more than knack to make a book work. 0884949206 This was a good story. It is really short, only about 130 pages and I read it in less than a day. While I don't feel like I got the whole story and that it was somewhat rushed I still enjoyed it none the less. If you can tell, my book type is LDS novels. So if you enjoy LDS novels, this is a good one and it's a fast read. One thing I did like that this book displayed was the power of example for other people. Jared in this book wants to know more about the LDS church because of the wonderful example Liesel was. He could see the difference it made in her life. 0884949206 My rating is 3.5. Interesting story with LDS perspective. 0884949206 Pretty good book. A missionary companionship, a car crash, a conversion story. Not necessarily in that order. 0884949206 Honestly, I've read this book several times. And every time, I've gotten a different and amazing message. I really love this one. :) It's all about making both good and bad choices, and the consequences that come of both. It focuses on reality. - Mainly on one man who's on his mission, remembering how his life was before. I won't give spoilers, because it's amazing and I hope you can find that out on your own. Actually, I might be reading it again. - It just happens to be looking me in the face at the moment. 0884949206