Troubles Brewing (Stirring Up Trouble, #2) By Juli Alexander

    I liked this book, not as much as the 1st which I totally loved but I have to say that Zoe irritated me a LOT with her meddling with her mother, she was really childish but I was really happy that she got punished, even though I'd have liked if she had lost her powers I think it would have been a fitting punishment for her selfish behavior.

    Now I hope the 3rd book comes out soon. Troubles Brewing (Stirring Up Trouble, #2) I thoroughly enjoyed this sequel to Stirring Up Trouble. Ms Alexander's characters are always entertaining, but I especially liked her handling of Finn in this book. And her dialogue is always sparkling. It's a fun book for any age group. Troubles Brewing (Stirring Up Trouble, #2) The chaos in Zoe's life continues in this second book of the series. Now she has her witch friend in on the Halloween celebration at Jake's home, causing the world's frog population to explode. She almost looses her magic, but her brilliance in finding potion substitutes allows the council to give her a second chance. Now she has a legendary potions teacher, who unfortunately looks like he's a teenager thanks to a bit of self serving magic! She also has a jealous boyfriend and a whole lot more happening. Troubles Brewing (Stirring Up Trouble, #2) Very similar to the first, this was a quick, light read revolving around magic spiced with a bit of teen drama. Troubles Brewing (Stirring Up Trouble, #2) The more I read of Juli Alexander's work the more I love it! The average teenager thinks they have it rough, but what would it be like to be more than a normal teenager? Sabrina the Teenage Witch has nothing on Zoe!

    This little potion brewer has a roller coaster of successes and failures, highs and lows in this funny and delightful work. By turns intense, light-hearted and mildly dramatic story drew me in. I know it's geared for young adults but I consider this a tale that even mature adults could enjoy. Troubles Brewing (Stirring Up Trouble, #2)

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    Mrs. Beamer's Review:
    I really wanted to like this book...I really, really did. It's the first book I received as a result of my blogging, and I was flattered and excited beyond words. BUT...I just couldn't get into it. At first, I thought my struggle to get through the book was related to pre-Christmas crazies. Silly me. We all know nothing...nothing...keeps us away from a book we are dying to read :) While I'm not saying teens won't enjoy this book...I am saying that I, as an adult, found it lacking in many areas.

    What I liked about this book:
    The author continues with some of the witty dialect I fell in love with in Stirring Up Trouble. However, there was less in this book...which is a shame because she has a talent for making me laugh. Also, I enjoyed Finn. I thought his mannerisms matched perfectly with his character.

    What I didn't like about this book:
    Pretty much everything else :( I really hate saying that. I'm hoping there is a book #3...that would change my opinion (slightly). As no story lines came to a close, I'm keeping my fingers crossed :) My major disappointment with this book is the lack of excitement in the story of Zoe/Finn/Jake/Milo. I see SO much potential there!! Also, the supporting characters (so vividly captured in Stirring Up Trouble) played very little part in Trouble's Brewing. Tell me more Ms. Alexander!

    While I was disappointed in this book, I feel my teen students will like it for what it is...a fun story. I look forward to having both books in the library collection, and trust they will circulate well.

    My Favorite Quote (from this book): I could identify with the love-sick dogs who'd jumped on Mom because I was ready to lick his cheek and drool all over him.

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    ***This e-book was given to me by the author...many thanks!*** Troubles Brewing (Stirring Up Trouble, #2) The Trouble With Tutors

    This series must be read in order. The first book is Stirring Up Trouble. This is the second book. There is a companion story called Camp Cauldron that can be read at any time. I can't wait to find out what Milo and Zoe get up to in the next book Here Comes Trouble!!!

    Zoe is paying for her Toad Fiasco by being tutored (monitored) by the most advanced potions expert in the world. Doctor Martin Finnegan is also being punished for making himself young again (he was 90s now he's 19 after putrefying for a few years)... You could say they deserve each other! Will they be able to work together well enough to satisfy the Council? Or will they just end up getting themselves in more trouble? Will Jake ever understand what little she can tell him or will the lies add up to the end of them? Will they get through the holidays or will her life implode?

    ***This series is suitable for young adult through adult readers who enjoy a little mystical mayhem in their paranormal fantasy romances with a lot of humor a little adventure :) Troubles Brewing (Stirring Up Trouble, #2) This was such a weird book. I’m honestly not sure why the author even wrote it because it was a disconnected jumble. Goodreads shows a 3rd book but it doesn’t exist on amazon or anywhere else so I’m not sure why it’s listed here. Maybe a 3rd book would help explain things though I seriously doubt it and I couldn’t handle anymore anyway. The first one was pretty cute but this one was really just strange and all over the place and then all of a sudden it was over. There was no resolution for anything and I really wish I’d just stopped after the first. Even though I started with positive feelings towards the characters and enjoyed some moments it was all together just a mess and a waste of time. Troubles Brewing (Stirring Up Trouble, #2) Meh, I thought it would be better. At least I hoped, but alas, it didn't turn out as good as I hoped. Zoe is now so flipping annoying. THE. ENTIRE. TIME. Ok, so I understand, she wants everyone to be happy. Especially her mom, but the way she shows it is just so dumb. Oh she can't like my teacher, I'll just zap up a potion and hope it works. Absolutely annoying, and the whole not-standing-up-to-your-friend gets old really fast. And then there was the ending. The ending was just so abrupt, they go to a dance and kiss. The End. HOLD IT!! Was that it. I put myself through that for nothing? Really... There was absolutely no closure to this book it just went on, and then suddenly ended. I think it might have been better if I had read it when I was younger, it seems to appeal to a younger audience. Meh Troubles Brewing (Stirring Up Trouble, #2) Reviewed on Lili Lost in a Book

    After Zoe's Frog Fiasco last Halloween, the Council decided that the greatest Potions Master of all time would be tutoring Zoe in all things magic. Zoe was, of course, elated! She is a huge fan of Dr. Finnegan! She was going to learn from the best of the best, and he was going to help her find substitutions for ingredients such as (her next project) unicorn horn.

    There is one slight problem, though: although he is in his 90s, Dr. Finnegan (or Finn) is young, gorgeous, and looks like he stepped straight off a runway! I dont know why, but I had the notion that he was going to be a cranky, strict, old man. Turns out I was quite wrong! I was surprised that I actually really liked him! He is very knowledgeable (obviously) and very, very kind, and fun! He is very gandfatherly and just really funny! He certainly amuses me :)

    Also, Zoe is still trying to get used the idea of her dad and her boyfriend's mom being a couple... can you say awkward? lol. Speaking of romance, Zoe and Jake... they are so cute together! I love them! Jake especially... he is really sweet!

    Zoe's mom is really funny, too. She sometimes even acts like a teenager herself, and that is just hilarious! And Milo! I love him! He is such a great friend! There was a little bit of tension going on there for a little bit, and I am really hoping that there wont be a love triangle going on or anything. Also, I still strongly dislike Anya -_- Don't know how (or why!) Zoe puts up with her!

    And then Zoe finds out some crazy stuff about her family. It's shocking and it really shakes Zoe to the core. Makes her think twice about her potion-making habits.

    This series has become one of my fast favorites! I love the magic component and the consequences for using it for personal gain... it's so funny! It is such a light and fun read and very, very, enjoyable! I can't wait for the next installment in this series! Troubles Brewing (Stirring Up Trouble, #2)


    Fifteen-year-old Zoe has managed to turn her crush into a boyfriend without using any magic at all. But can it really work with Jake when Zoe’s father is dating Jake’s mother? Talk about a dysfunctional family.

    After the Frog Fiasco, the Council is watching Zoe’s every move but studying under renowned Potions Master, Martin Finnegan, fulfills a lifelong dream of Zoe’s, even if the ninety-five-year-old man looks like a teenager. Zoe can’t juggle friends, school, potions, and dating without letting something slide, and Trouble’s Brewing as her tutor is forced to reveal deeply hidden truths about her experiments and those of her ancestors. Troubles Brewing (Stirring Up Trouble, #2)