This Years Class Picture By Dan Simmons

    summary This Years Class Picture

    Simmons' experience as a teacher shines through in this short story about a 4th grade teacher trying to hold things together after The Tribulations (zombie apocalypse). This is good stuff. 27 This ended up being one of those stories that when I finished, I just looked at the wall for a minute.

    The ending was a tiny bit ehhh, but not enough to drag this from 5 to 4, although, if we had a 4.5 it would be that.

    Ms. Geist is one heck of a bad-mamma-jamma, and I want her on my apoc team should there ever need to be one. 27 Different than nearly any other zombie story you will read and that is a good thing! This story will stir your emotions and also supply enough gore for your zombie loving tastes as well! 27 Dan Simmons is one of my favorite authors. This is a short story packed with information. I truly did enjoy it. I think it would be great if he wrote a longer version. It would be very interesting.

    This story is about Ms. Geiss, a teacher over a class of 4th graders. The kids do not listen, are difficult to control, and don't seem to want to learn. As a matter of fact, they are not much different than 4th graders who are alive.

    If you like horror and short will enjoy this! 27 4 stars from Jason, read the full review at FANTASY LITERATURE

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    Sci-fi and horror master Dan Simmons has only one real character in this short story: Ms. Geiss, dedicated fourth-grade teacher extraordinaire. She seems to be one of the very few remaining humans following the frequently mentioned, but never-explained, “Tribulations” that had some role in creating an environment where zombies roam the planet...4 stars from Jason, read the full review at FANTASY LITERATURE


    Sad and compelling - the most beautiful (I'm tempted to say poetic) zombie story I've read so far... 27 This book make me super grossed out and sad. This is because it kind of reminds me of graphic and violent games. The story is amazing. The author wrote it to make the readers think that there is no hope and then the author shows us that there is hope and happiness if you look hard enough. This book is a 5-star book. 27

    This was hands down, the best zombie fiction I've ever read. I waited for years to read the whole story after I read a small excerpt of this online. Beautiful writing, I loved how Simmons wrote Ms. Geiss. 27 What a fantastic little story. Somehow it manages to be sick, scary and heartwarming all at the same time. 27 Оповідання, яке Сіммонс написав до зомбоманії. Сюжет простий: будні вчительки (живої), яка продовжує вести заняття в школі. Але дія відбувається після зомбі-апокаліпсису. Тому всі учні цієї вчительки - діти-зомбі...
    Чудове оповідання, яке сподобається всім, для кого викладання - і покликання, і професія. Адже відчувається, що і сам Сіммонс півтора десятиліття пропрацював вчителем в школі. Вийшло оповідання від свого для своїх. Дуже миле та оптимістичне. Хоч і з деякими чорнушними (типовими для зомбі-хорору) деталями. Ось такий парадокс 27

    Ms. Geiss is the most dedicated fourth-grade teacher imaginable. She goes to extraordinary lengths to make sure her students are presented with every opportunity—showing them slides from her summer vacations during Geography, reading to them from the classics of children’s literature after lunch, and providing them with the kinds of learning rewards that they will truly respond to—bite-sized nuggets of human flesh. Because Ms. Geiss’ students are pint-sized zombies, and the main tool of her peculiar version of the teaching trade is her trusty Remington .30-06 rifle.

    Ms. Geiss is firm but fair, and keeps a disciplined classroom. She has far more trouble from the adults shambling through what’s left of town than she does from her students, though a well-bulldozed killing field and the gasoline-filled moat encircling the school usually keeps the worst of the undead marauders at bay. But even the hardest working educators let their guard down sometimes, and after the Tribulations, just one mistake can mean school’s out forever.

    Bestselling, acclaimed author Dan Simmons’ story “This Year’s Class Picture” is a zombie tale that could itself be described as best in class, honored by the Stoker, Sturgeon, and World Fantasy Awards. This Years Class Picture