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    Professor Caulfield has established himself as a great debunker of health myths. In this latest installment he takes on the “anti vax” movement.

    His message is remarkably simple: vaccinate yourself and your children. This advice is so obvious that it hardly warrant a book on the subject. However, sadly, such a book is both necessary and urgent. This is so because the anti vax movement seems to be gaining a foothold and is threatening to derail sound science supported public health initiatives.

    Through social media and the endorsements of uninformed celebrities, baseless beliefs have been allowed to spread like the diseases that vaccines so ably eradicate. The most notable mistaken belief is that vaccines cause autism. There is a complete absence of any credible evidence to support this belief. Normally, one could simple resort to the common refrain that “everyone is entitled to their beliefs”; however, when those beliefs threaten lives and public health, then those beliefs necessarily need to be vigorously challenged.

    The method by which Professor Caulfield challenges the anti vaxxers’ beliefs is both clever and persuasive. Having a background in law, Professor Caulfield knows that there is an “art in persuasion”. He expands on this concept by weaving into his text an eclectic collection of art. At times, the reader is transported back to elementary school, with images of cartoon needles, while at other time, the reader seems to be strolling through a modern art gallery. This use of art makes for a lasting and memorable impression and, in so doing enhances the persuasive effect of Professor Caulfield’s message.

    When I read this book, I was reminded of the following quote from Horace Mann, the great American educational reformer: “Be ashamed to die until you have won some victory for humanity.”

    Vaccination is most effective when it is widely accepted. Through his established reputation as a trusted debunker, Professor Caulfield is using his considerable influence to encourage and promote widespread vaccination. That is a small, yet vital, victory for humanity and is well worth the fight. 978-0735234994 Caulfield and his illustrators have done a great job of packing a lot of information into an offbeat, colorful book. The front of the book is so simple and colorful, it makes great reading for kids. Farther along, it gets into complicated topics. It covers pretty much everything. An inventive way of delivering an important message. 978-0735234994 As a family doctor, I welcome all resources available to help dispel the myths associated around vaccinations. This is a unique book with great pictures, images, and writing that address all of the major so called controversies around immunization. It's a great book to have in the waiting room for patients to read and consider. Tim Caulfield continues to be a great advocate for science and this book is another successful venture to promote critical thinking and reasoning. 978-0735234994 I like this book. Very informative! 978-0735234994 passed to a nurse as a gift. She likes it. 978-0735234994

    Few topics in health policy have generated as much debateand frustrationamong public health experts as the issue of vaccine safety. Misinformation around the science of vaccination continues to spread, and too often the media fails to report bad science for what it is.

    Using science informed analysis alongside original art and powerful essays, health science leader Timothy Caulfield debunks the myths and false assumptions about vaccination safety and effectiveness. Accessible, informative, and entertaining, The Vaccination Picture tells the true story of vaccines, their uses, and their positive effects for everyone. The Vaccination Picture

    Total waste of time. I accidentally bought this book as it happened to be in my cart when I went to purchase something else. I wouldn't mind learning about vaccinations this is not the type of crap I would expect from a university professor. A bunch of art, stupid photos, all thrown together in disorganized fashion. He basically just says science is on the side of vaccinations and then ridicules anyone who would dare disagree with science. No proof, no evidence, no explanation of the issue. Complete waste of time and money. I don't even think it is worth giving away. 978-0735234994 came as per the description. the book it self looks like propaganda then useful information 978-0735234994 ´ 7 Free download