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    A great insight into how Mailchimp approaches UX. Mailchimp is a great example of a very good UX and one of my favorite profucts. ebook A lot of great insights from an inspiring company. Sometimes it goes a bit too deep into the nitty-gritty parts, but overall it's pretty good and teaches a lot of things that are possible to deploy for every project. An inspiring read on how to move things forward :) ebook Very well written from various members of their teams. I loved the list of recommendations at the end of the book! I guess I will come back and read it every now and then based on my use case. ebook Lots of great advice on a project from start to 'finish'. Great tips throughout as well. ebook Good primer on UX in nice bitesize pieces. ebook

    At MailChimp, we love to show our work—partly because it makes us better at what we do. This ebook is a collection of the most popular articles from our UX Newsletter, along with some exclusive content. It embodies our quest to reflect, refine, and grow. We hope it’ll help you do the same. The UX Reader

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    This is a very nice book for beginners in UX area. It has a large collection of useful tips and extra content. ebook این کتاب توسط تیم میل چیمپ در سال ۲۰۱۴ نوشته شده
    وقتی شروع به یادگیری میکنید در ابتدا هر مطلبی شاید جذاب بنظر برسه ولی آیا واقعا کاربردی و مفید هست؟ من برای توسعه شخصی بعد از مطالعه تخصصی لازم دیدم در مورد نحوه کار تیم های مختلف و مطرح اطلاع بدست بیارم. فکر میکنم مطالعه این کتاب نگرش متفاوت تری از مبانی و مفاهیم پایه ای برای کار کردن رو برای هرفردی که در زمینه طراحی تجربه کاربری و یا توسعه محصول فعالیت میکند ایجاد کنه. ebook Mailchimp does some amazing things. This book has UX in the title, but uses it as a jumping off point for all parts of their process. A number of chapters towards the beginning talking about the discovery process were interesting, but when it got to code it went a bit specific for me to get too much from. ebook Interesanta lasāmviela visiem uzņēmējiem par cilvēku pieņemšanu darbā un par komandu veidošanu. Var pasmelties arī projektu izstrādes ciklus un breinstormošanas viedus.

    Otra puse monētai ir web aplikāciju izstrāde un attīstība. Tā teikt, veiksmes stāsts, no kura jāpamācās. ebook Gives you an insight on how Mailchimp approaches design problems and improves the product. They have stated real scenarios like how they handled excessive unfiltered feedback from customers, which will help you follow through their journey.

    Plus it's available for free. ebook