The Tycoon's Toddler Surprise By Elizabeth Lennox

    Ignoring or avoiding Mikhail Benovich was not an option. When he wanted something, he went after it with everything. Seeing Kristen across the room, he decided he wanted her. A month after their first meeting, they were married. Two months later, Kristen found herself pregnant. And two months after that, her unborn baby girl was fighting for her life.

    Kristen left the stressful lifestyle, but never meant to leave Mikhail. Diligently, she sent him a letter each month detailing the progress of her pregnancy, the birth of their beautiful baby girl, and all the milestones of her young life.

    Three years later, Mikhail finds one of those letters and is furious, unaware until that moment that he is a father! He immediately goes to find his daughter, determined to win custody, only to find that, not only does his daughter recognize him, but his three year old daughter is barreling towards him, throwing herself into his arms in her excitement that he’d finally arrived.

    Something doesn’t add up and he’s determined to get to the bottom of the issue. And get his family back, even if his estranged wife is opposed. The Tycoon's Toddler Surprise


    Summary The Tycoon's Toddler Surprise

    The romance equivalent of

    Hi, I'm big shutdown Russian her. Yavoh!

    Bg Ruskie hero sees the sweet and honorable heroine and falls for.

    Big Ruskie hero pats the heroine A LOT.

    Heroine gets pregnant but gets scared. No, wait. She has a pregnancy scare.

    Evil OW/PA is really, really mean, and hides the heroine's letters to the big Ruskie hero since the bunny heroine goes for bedrest.

    Ruskie hero is mad and bad until he realizes that the evil OW/PA is the true evil-doer.

    Ruskie hero wants to pat the bunny heroine some more, but she says they have to talk first.

    Three year old plot moppet is a mere six months from getting her Masters in Linguistics.

    Cute, short and sweet. 158 He cheated during their separation, she didn't.

    158 2 stars

    I had expectations for this one but it didn't deliver. Good bones for a HP-modeled story. Too much telling or inner monologue, lack of depth made this a skimmer. The child acted much older than a 3-year old. The evil PA, gf wannabe provided much of the separation and lack of communication - she wouldn't put through calls and hid all letters - but she kept them in a file in case she needed to clear herself. The OW began to drink vodka because the H is Russian and kind of gets hooked on it. In the middle of the book, security finds the file and has her arrested. We never hear about her again. 158 On revisiting this one (with distance from the things that bothered me the first time), I added a star. They really do communicate well and the reasons given for their separation did carry weight. In fact, I rather fault her more, for not actually traveling to his office or their NY home to actually see him. I guess they are both at fault (but him more so of course!, (cheeky smile)).

    Mikhail and Kristen. Mikhail and Kristen have a whirl wind romance and get married in only a month. But soon enough reality rears it's ugly head. Reality is that Mikhail is a work-a-holic and soon Kristen is finding herself more and more on the sidelines of his life. She gets pregnant and almost loses the baby because of the stress of the situation. So she leaves to go back to her home town to have their baby with the support of her family. Mikhail misunderstands and lets her go with no attempt to follow her. A few years pass and this whole time Kristen has been sending him letters with pics of their little girl but he never replies. You can see where this is going right? After a fluke change in his schedule Alex comes across the latest letter from Kristen with the pics of their daughter. He, of course, jumps to the wrong conclusion. But don't worry, the story doesn't get mired in OTT a-hole alpha cr*p. The MCs, once they meet again, actually communicate. But if Mikhail had cared, he could have been to see her much sooner, and therefore not missed the first 3 years of his daughter's life. Can Kristen forgive him? It reads kinda like a harlequin, but with a stronger heroine than most harlequins boast. My biggest complaint is Victoria, the little girl. She is annoyingly cute and acts more like a 5 year old than almost 3. I also thought the ending was very abrupt and I never felt that Mikhail truly loved Kristen. He was just so cold and formal.

    safety 158

    This story could have been epic. Hero walks away from his pregnant bride, refusing to talk to her ever again. Leaving her to move on with her life without him, and to raise their daughter all by herself. I really adore this theme in stories, the struggles the heroine goes through and the challenge of making it and raising a baby all by herself. This one really started out strong.

    But then, I soon found out this was all a miscommunication between the two. Mikhail thought his wife had walked out of their marriage after miscarrying their baby,
    Kristen didn't walk away from her marriage, she just left Mikhail a note telling him that she couldn't live in the fast lane anymore. She meant to explain in detail with him that she needed a stress break (after ALMOST losing their baby), once she got settled into her new home, and that she fully expected him to move with her to a smaller stress free town. But here's where the story completely fell apart. Kristen tried to contact Mikhail at his office numerous times but could never get through as his evil assistant (wanting Mikhail for herself) wasn't telling him Kristen had ever called. So Kristen then resorted to writing Mikhail letters, and instead of delivering these letters, the evil assistant just stuck them in a file so she could be busted for stealing mail later on in the story. So lame, but that wasn't even the most ridiculous part of this story! Why the hell didn't Kristen just use her cell phone to text or call Mikhail so the messages would go directly to his cell phone??? Because he had one. He used it several times in this story. This has to be the most ridiculous plotline hole EVER.

    This ridiculousness ruined the story for me. I mean , come on. In this day and age there's no way a person couldn't be tracked down and talked to for THREE years. I was really liking this story and the writing was tight. It's too bad it was too unbelievable to enjoy completely.

    Ridiculously cute and sweet. It was nothing like the books I'm used to, but I liked it a lot. Funny how you get the whole plot from the title of the novella alone. Nothing more, nothing less than what it said. Quick, fun, sweet read. 158 My rating: 2 stars.

    What I liked: The daughter. I think she was smarter than both her parents (and she just turned 3)

    What I didn’t like: We have the h who up and leaves because the H is way too involve with his work and it puts stress on the pregnant h. She writes letters to the H but he never receives them due to ow.... first the h knew this woman did not like her but she still mails the letter to his job where this woman works (smh). The h also tries calling the H but instead of calling on his cell phone or maybe the house phone she calls the office (again where evil woman works) and the ow never tells him (wtf) after this I just wanted the book to end.

    How hot was it: 3 out 5

    Triggers: The H and h are married and due to stress the pregnant h leaves. There is an ow who causes them to stay apart (3 years) the H was with other women when separated the h was not.

    Final thoughts: Unfortunately this was a no for me. I finished it last night and all I remember is the things that annoyed me :/ 158 Cute short storry. The cute part is for Victoria.. cuttie little pie who is 3 but talks and act like a 5 year old. The ending seems abrupt like this wasn't supposed to be a short story. 158 I really enjoyed this book. Little Victoria was the star of this book. Victoria was three years old, smart, sweet, and simple adorable. She only knew her father by the pictures that her mother Kristen showed her, and by the stories that they found on line about him. Her father Mikhail was a rich business man. Victoria loved spending each weekend with her mom, looking for new stories about her dad. The first time she saw her dad in person, she ran too him, and hugged him hard. She never wanted to let go.

    Kristen left New York, and her husband, when she started having complications in her pregnancy. Her child came first before anything. Kristen sent letters to Mikhail each month telling him how his daughter was doing. She got no response. The letters were going to his office. His awful secretary was hiding the letters. He didn’t know he had a daughter, till he found one of the letters. I loved the way he stepped up to the plate, and wanted to be there for his wife, and child. Sweet book!

    158 This is a short but sweet and light romance book. It doesn't have that much drama like a general 'secret-child' book has but that actually tips the scale in its favour.
    I would recommend it for all those who just want a break from very intense and overwhelming reads !!
    4 'the cold never bothered me anyway' stars !! 158