The Things We Do for Love By Margot Early


    The man Mary Anne Drew wants is marrying someone else! So to win him back, she buys a love potion. Mary Anne's not convinced spells and potions work, but still, she has to do something.

    Too bad the wrong man - aka Graham Corbett - drinks it.

    Then strange things begin to happen....

    Graham has never shown any interest in Mary Anne. In fact, their arguments are legendary. But now Graham is acting anything but hostile Could the potion really work? Or was Mary Anne looking for love in the wrong place all along?

    The Things We Do for Love

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    Standard plot with a very refreshing touch - I like it :) Margot Early Maloooo hasta no poder leer más... una trama de película de media tarde para echarte la siesta 💤!!!!! Margot Early Why do we have to be attracted to someone who can't reciprocate? It's a question that plagues me to this day. Mary Anne tried to solve this problem by whipping up a love potion only the wrong guy gulped it down. Now what? I loved how this one played out. Margot Early From the blurb: The man Mary Anne Drew wants is marrying someone else! So to win him back, she buys a love potion... Too bad the wrong man-’aka Graham Corbett-’drinks it.

    I was drawn to this book after reading the blurb, since I enjoy weaving some fantasy into contemporary stories.

    The Bad: There's no sex scene. For a story that starts out with something as unconventional as a love potion (to win the love of someone else's fiance no less) I thought the story turned out to be quite tame. I didn't quite buy a few things, e.g. the heroine's reason for not liking the hero for more than half of the story; and her sudden 'light-bulb moment' resolution of her daddy issues. I also found a secondary character a little more interesting (more troubled, yes, but definitely more interesting), and for a while it was that character's happy ending I was looking out for. I also felt the story dealt with a lot of (maybe too many?) really serious issues that weren't fully or satisfactorily resolved. For this reason, I didn't feel as emotionally connected with the characters as I like to feel. If you're looking for fantasy or tear-jerking emotion, this isn't the story for you.

    The Good: Having said the above, I felt that the characters are probably the most true-to-life one would ever get in romance. The lack of a sex scene works for the story and is justified by the kind of person the heroine is. The author also does a good job of letting the heroine begin to see the hero in a new light, instead of a sudden 'aha' scene, which for very believable, considering the story starts out with the heroine thinking she's in love with someone else.

    Quirky secondary characters keep the story interesting; and there's an event in the last few pages that picks up the pace of the story, tests the hero's love and basically brings the story full circle. Margot Early Leído el 05/01/2011

    The things we do for love

    Nadie lo creería.
    Mary Anne Drew estaba enamorada de un hombre que se iba a casar con otra mujer, así que, para conquistarlo, decidió comprar una poción amorosa. No estaba convencida de que los hechizos y las pociones funcionaran, pero tenía que hacer algo. Desafortunadamente, el brebaje se lo bebió otro hombre, Graham Corbett y, a partir de entonces, empezaron a pasar cosas extrañas.
    Graham nunca había demostrado interés por Mary Anne; de hecho, sus enfrentamientos eran casi legendarios pero, de repente, comenzó a mostrarse cariñoso.
    ¿Sería posible que la poción funcionara, o acaso Mary Anne estaba buscando el amor en el lugar equivocado? Margot Early