The Hedge Knight II: Sworn Sword (The Tales of Dunk and Egg, #2) By Ben Avery

    Follow the sequel to George R.R. Martin's 'The Hedge Knight' as Ser Duncan the Tall and his squire Egg make their way into the countryside and find themselves in the midst of a new adventure. The Hedge Knight II: Sworn Sword (The Tales of Dunk and Egg, #2)


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    Não sigo a série Game of Thrones, recebi este livro de prenda que fala de histórias passadas 100 anos antes da série TV. Gostei bastante, embora não me tenha surpreendido, tanto narrativamente como em termos de ilustração. É um bom trabalho, mas soa realmente a complemento do núcleo principal narrativo, como que a dar mais detalhe sobre o universo, sobre as vivências, os afazeres, as hierarquias, as honras e todo o seu sistema social.
    Acredito que possa ser bastante mais interessante para quem segue a série.

    Link para ver as primeiras páginas: English When I reviewed THE HEDGE KNIGHT, I very much enjoyed it and recommended people check it out in comic book format rather than short story. While George R.R. Martin's prose is very good here, nothing is lost and much gained with its adaptation into art. The stories are short and to the point anyway, which makes me think I wish George would just work on these if he doesn't feel like finishing A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE. I could do with some low fantasy feel good stories to contrast with some of the grimdark I read (and love).

    The premise for THE SWORN SWORD is that Dunk and Egg are sworn to a very-very low ranking lord in the middle of the Reach. The tower the man lives in is neighbor of Coldmoat, which is a fairly nice (if not great) castle with its own river. A dispute over said river and its waters leads to a war that will undoubtedly end only one way but which our heroes' lord is fairly willing to do (since he's an old man with no children as well as a warrior). Along the way, they meet a woman wrongly identified as a femme fatale and a fairly epic jousting duel.

    This is probably my favorite of the Dunk and Egg stories and I think it works fabulous in a visual form. The Red Widow is beautiful and fun even if George R.R. Martin isn't going to let her wed a hedge knight. I also liked the ending for a subversion of expectations that, ironically, was a sensible strategy all along.

    5/5 English You gotta like Dunk and Egg, that's a fact. Both of them are close to my heart already, but I didn't enjoy this story as much as the first one. A year and a half after the events we witnessed in the first volume has passed and Dunk (who still isn't very successful at being addressed as Ser Duncan the T all), and his squire Egg have taken service with the elderly Ser Eustace. The old man lives in the glory days of the past and he has some territorial issues with the Red Widow (how I like strong women evil or not). There's a drought on, and water is being stolen, and peasant workers are somehow bulied because of that, something Dunk wants to prevent. So off he goes to try and solve the situation as the best of knights but he discovers that somebody has been lying to him. Knighthood is not so honourable here as it was in the previous volume, Dunk starts to see its dark side and to wonder if he is a knight or a regular guy and what is better, but he lives up to his own vision of knight's despite most of the times that's going to put him in danger. Not brilliant but enjoyable
    English This is the second part of the Hedge Knight Graphic novels. This one is better than the first. The continuing tale of Ser Duncan the Tall and his squire Egg (one day to be Aegon the Unlikely). This time after the events of the tournament on Ser Duncan and Egg-they travel to serve under a Lord named Eustace. It seems the on the other side border is the infamous Red Widow who has diverted a river to fill her moat for the castle known as Coldmoat. Ser Duncan volunteers to serve Ser Eustace in this matter and is paired with the slovenly Sir Bennis. I shall not spoil the rest of this intricate plot for you-read the book.
    I enjoyed this tale more due to the revelations about the Blackfyre Rebellion, as well as learning between the Red and Black Dragon sides of the Targeryan dynasty. I wonder if there are more stories for Dunk and Egg. These are superbly done and carry the spirit of the books. The artwork is gorgeous and the story is truly a good one about the aftereffects of picking the wrong side during a rebellion. If you are a Game of Thrones fan this is a series you should look into. English Η λιγότερο αγαπημένη μου ιστορία από τις 3, με λιγότερη δράση.. English

    I loved this graphic novel as much as the first one.

    Dunk and Egg have taken up with Ser Eustace. They end up going out to find out why their water supply has stopped. It turns out The Red Widow has built a dam and stolen their water. There are rumors that she is a witch and has killed several husbands and Dunk has to make her see reason.

    This turns into a fight back and forth between The Red Widow and Ser Eustace. It seems The Red Widow has the okay from the King to take the water. This opens up another barrel of worms and they have to go through some issues before coming to a compromise.

    It seems as well, that our Dunk has a crush on her ladyship and she on him, but nothing can be done because he doesn't come from a great family. Whatever... you know the ways and the days!

    Poor Dunk must move on after his little battle even though they wanted him to stay. You know if he did that would have caused all kinds of trouble.

    I loved the novel and I'm sorry I can't tell you more, you will just have to read it :)

    The graphics were awesome, I love when a book has beautiful graphics!

    English I am following a kind of schedule where I try to read the original text before I see or read the adaptation. So I had just finished the Knight of Seven Kingdoms few days ago so the story is still fresh in my mind and to boot the book was heavily illustrated so many scenes looked like already seen. This was in full color though and it was a welcome change. Illustrations were again good and the adaptation was faithful in fact all the dialogues were the same. I am just glad that I got to read the graphic novelization too and soon would try to read the graphic novel of the third story and then the graphic novelization of the first book in the Song of Ice and Fire series.

    So yeah if you have read the original novella then it would be a nice change and if you haven't read it then still it's a nice read so give it a chance and then just Keep on Reading.

    I have always loved comics, and I hope that I will always love them. Even though I grew up reading local Indian comics like Raj Comics or Diamond Comics or even Manoj Comics, now's the time to catch up on the international and classic comics and Graphic novels. I am on my quest to read as many comics as I can. I Love comics to bit, may comics never leave my side. I loved reading this and love reading more, you should also read what you love and then just Keep on Reading. English Targaryen count : 1
    Booby count : 0

    But despite the shortcomings mentioned above, this book was wonderful. Artwork was absolutely amazing, much better than the previous Hedge Knight and the Game of thrones comics.

    So here's, as promised, our gallant hedge knight ser Duncan the Tall:

    This bald dude is Egg, by the way, Aegon Targaryen who will end up being the king Aegon V.

    Sir Duncan the hot

    this is red widow and Dunk totally has a crush on her

    But red widow is fiery and hot tempered and likes to slap big boys now and then

    Ser Duncan goes on and has his wet dreams all the same

    And then he goes ahead and kisses her in real life.

    Which means the HAPPY END . Except that it isn't the happy end.

    English My copy has finally arrived!

    I gave three stars for the e-book version when I read it a few years back but for this particular edition with its AMAZING artwork, it deserves another star. Much much better than the hideous AGoT graphic novels.

    The part when Ser Eustace told the tale of the Battle of Redgrass Field is just totally mesmerizing. Daemon Blackfyre and Bloodraven in da house! And now that I see how the Red Widow - Tywin's feisty grandma - looks like, I totally get Dunk's infatuation with her. 'I wonder if she's freckled all over'. You dirty knight, you!

    I cannot wait for The Mystery Knight to be published in graphic novel version, due next year. English قرات العمل من 3 اشهر و الان حان الوقت لقراءة الكوميك ف يتسنى للكلمات ان تتحول الى رسومات بديعة و الوان خلابة .
    ٌI had Read the novella 3 months ago and now it's the time for the comic to turn the words to beautiful drawings with amazing colors by Mike Miller :) .

    و كالعادة العمل مخلص جدا للنوفيلا و تم ذكره بكل التفاصيل .
    It was so faithful to the book and every word has mentioned.

    لا لا داعى لمراجعة الكوميكس غير بالشادة لرسومات ميك ميلر التى اعطت للقصة روح و حياة و سوف اكتفى بالمراجعة السابقة للنوقيلا
    My Previous review for The Sworn sword tale .

    الى الجزء الثالث و الاخير فى عالم ويستروس و دانك :)