The Secret Lives of the Sushi Club By Christy Yorke


    AMAZING. Simply amazing. Thriller. Romance. Mystery. Fantasy. Everything you could want from a book. Thank you, Christy Yorke. The only thing I would change is the name. The Secret Lives of the Sushi Club makes it seem like a fluffy book: girly and superficial, which is what I expected (and wanted) when I picked it up. It is so much more than that. A better name would have been Salmon, or The River. Even just Water, as it was a running motif in this book. Overall though, amazing. The Secret Lives of the Sushi Club This should be some kind of cautionary tale for LJ folks with lots of writer friends. After a number of marginally successful novels, one of the main characters manages a best seller and her friends can't wait to celebrate over their weekly sushi date…until they read the novel and see just how much of what's been shared over rolls has made it into the book. This was a fantastic read with great characters, beautifully done prose about the journeys we all take on our way to our best selves, and with a dash of magical realism that's central to Yorke's style. Lovely! I adore this writer.
    The Secret Lives of the Sushi Club Although the message of the book was confusing, I enjoyed the journey. The plot was an interesting idea, but unfortunately fell flat. I expected more when I picked it up.

    Favourite Quotes: actual reality people were almost always more honorable than they were given credit for. Devotion undermined greed. She was nearly sure of it.

    So unsympathetic, Jina couldn't even root for herself.

    ...she wondered if even words you disregard and scorn sink into your skin. If the things people say flippantly, meanly, carelessly, slither down to bone and build who you are.

    You were on the wrong path, and you blew up the rest of the road.

    The trouble with ambition is that it leaks. It trickles from work to relationships, to bodies to home repair, until nothing you have is in the shape you'd like it to be.

    This was no place to begin a life; it was where you ended it or proved it's worth. The Secret Lives of the Sushi Club As book clubs become more and more popular, it's only natural that more books about book clubs should emerge (I really enjoyed The Jane Austen Book Club). The Sushi Club consists of four middle-aged women: a writer (Alice), a former soap-opera star (Irene), a single mom who lost the love of her life in a river rafting accident (Jina), and a female 40-year old virgin (Mary). When Alice uses the secrets revealed in the book club as the basis for the only bestseller of her life, the others feel betrayed and are forced to reexamine their lives. Jina's son convinces them all to go back to the river that claimed his father - to face their demons and find the strength to forgive. This book is chick-lit for middle-aged women, but it was a fast read, and it was decently entertaining. Yorke tries to do a little too much with some of her characters, to make profound political statements where none really exist, but a couple of the side stories are entertaining, and it was a good mindless distraction. The Secret Lives of the Sushi Club I somewhat enjoyed this. The plot was ok but somewhat predictable. There was supposed to be this big twist about 3/4 of the way through but, I had already figured it out. It is a super easy read. There are some really descriptive passages and I did enjoy some of the statements about relationships and the future that Yorke made throughout the book. I read this over a weekend and it was a nice escape from the reality of life. I would recommend this to someone who wants a fun read without really having to think. Yorke did a good job it just fell a bit short of my expectations... The Secret Lives of the Sushi Club

    Loved the theme of water throughout. Was decently written and decent plot. Loved the nature and descriptions, but had a hard time with changing perspectives of characters abruptly after the second half of the book. The Secret Lives of the Sushi Club I didn't want to be sucked into this tale because it seemed a bit contrived and trite at the beginning, the characters a bit too one dimensional. The more I read, though, the more I got caught up in each of the main character's stories. There were a few times when the interactions of the women in this story seemed a bit unbelievable and the ending of the book wrapped everything up in a mostly positive vein, ( a little too neatly for my tastes) but it was a nice little diversion from some more in depth reading I was doing at the time. The Secret Lives of the Sushi Club Great book with a slow start. It was hard to fall in love with the main couple at first, and the author probably wanted it that way. But big changes come fast in this novel about girlfriends, living multiple lives in the span of one lifetime, and how, when you don't talk about the big things in your past, it can upend your future. Really enjoyed all the character play in this one. The Secret Lives of the Sushi Club This book had so much potential. I loved the premise. A failing author writes the secrets of her sushi club friends. Awesome. But it didn’t really stick with that.
    Then it was about a river rafting adventure and I thought, great, I don’t know much about river rafting, this has potential too… nope.
    I don’t really think the author knew which direction she wanted to go with this book. Maybe the river is a metaphor for the chaos of this story :/
    I was highly confused at the character motivations, and decisions and oh my gosh to put one Muslim character in the book and make him a terrorist … just ugh!!!
    I had thought the ‘bad guy’ was going to be the woman who wrote all the secrets about her friends but I leave this book disappointed.
    Ending was also meh which had a big reveal that was a given.
    I do not recommend.

    The Secret Lives of the Sushi Club Four long-time friends face disruption in their friendship when they discover that the writer among them includes personal details about their lives in her latest novel. One of them decides to go on a wilderness trip, reliving a tragic part of her life, & they all join which results in drama, secrets revealed & a lot of other stuff. Entertaining read. The Secret Lives of the Sushi Club

    For years, Jina, Irene, Mary, and Alice have been telling their secrets over sushi. But when struggling novelist Alice finally writes a bestseller, the other three are horrified to see their lives in its pages. Alice says she never meant to hurt anyone. But her novel could very well destroy them all. In search of answers and healing, these four women journey into the wilderness together. There they face their greatest test-one of physical and emotional endurance that will reveal more about them than any tell-all book. The Secret Lives of the Sushi Club

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