The Restless Sea (Jagos of Cornwall, #1) By E.V. Thompson

    Gosh, I feel like I am being very nitpicky. I wanted to love this book and it just fell short of my expectations. I don't consider myself to be a literary snob but I guess I have outgrown books like this. I wouldn't have minded the fairy tale ending if there had been a richer story leading up to it.

    There was an odd mix of romance and the struggles of the early Methodist Church here. The relationship between the preacher and his prize-fighting son didn't give me the impression that either was firmly planted in his beliefs. The whole story just seemed too contrived to me. It's a shame because there was great potential for an incredibly good story.

    I think I would feel differently about this book if I were into romance novels and I don't want to discourage anyone else from reading this story. Unfortunately, this book contains scenes that prevent me from recommending it to my friends that read clean romances. What can I say? E.V. Thompson 1.5 stars-rounded down. Just an edge above I hated it.
    I refuse to classify it as historic fiction, because while set in the past there is little historic about it.
    If you buy a single scene in this book, I have some prime ocean front property in Nebraska I'd like to sell you. E.V. Thompson I enjoyed this thoroughly. It was so well described and characterised I couldn't help but think it would make a good TV series to rival Poldark. I particularly enjoyed the different friendships portrayed in the story. E.V. Thompson

    The Cornish coast of 1810 is alive with fishing boats, warships and smugglers. For Nathan Jago, a fishing business seems the ideal place to invest his prizefighting winnings. It's not all plainsailing though—there's willful squire's daughter Elinor; and Amy with her fierce Cornish pride. The Restless Sea (Jagos of Cornwall, #1)

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