The Pleasure of Your Kiss (Burke Brothers, #1) By Teresa Medeiros

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    Bastante insufrible, la verdad. Qué pena, con lo que me gustó Tuya hasta el amanecer. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Leeré el siguiente que lo tengo en papel, a ver si mejora la cosa. Mass Market Paperback After hearing that Teresa Medeiros has a new romance novel being released, being the big romance novel fan that I am, I just had to pick up this book! Well, Teresa Medeiros’ newest book “The Pleasure of Your Kiss” really took me on a wild and sensual ride that I had never been on when reading other romance novels and has now gotten me looking forward to other new romance novels from Teresa Medeiros!

    Clarinda Cardew was on her way to England to marry the rich and powerful duke Maximillian Burke, but then she and her friend Penelope Montmorency (Poppy) are ambushed by pirates and she ends up in the arms of a rich and powerful sultan of Morocco called Zin al-Farouk (Farouk) who happens to own a luminous harem! At the same time, legendary adventurer Ashton Burke is summoned by his brother Maximillian Burke to go and retrieve Clarinda from the sultan’s clutches. Unfortunately, Ashton Burke used to have a blossoming romance with Clarinda Cardew years ago until he broke her heart by leaving her for unknown reasons and when he actually goes on the quest to retrieve Clarinda from the sultan, he will soon realize that his romance with Clarinda will soon blossomed again in a shocking way that could change their world forever!

    Again, after I had heard that Teresa Medeiros was making another romance novel, my inner fan-girl soul was kicked up into high gear and I just had to get this book! Well, after reading this book, I was impressed that Teresa Medeiros’ writing is better than ever as this romance novel was clearly more unusual than the usual romance novels I usually pick up! For one thing, this romance novel takes place in a harem, which I did find a bit unusual to put into a romance novel since the story would usually focus on the two romantic interests in the story. However, I felt that having the story take place in a harem added a nice touch to the story and provided so much uniqueness from the standard romance novel. I just loved almost all of the characters involved in this novel as Teresa Medeiros made each character truly stand out from each other. Clarinda Cardew was a truly inspiring heroine as she is shown to be a strong willed woman who refuses to let anyone run her life. Also, just hearing about how she was struggling in trying to move on with her life when Ashton Burke left her years ago was a truly heartbreaking aspect of her character that made me really feel sorry for her and I usually wished her the best during this story. Ashton Burke was a truly unique type of hero as he is known as an adventurer and I loved the way that he can outsmart any enemy he comes across and gets what he wants. I also loved his devil-may-care attitude that he has become so famous for and it was interesting in seeing how he wanted to rekindled the love that he and Clarinda had lost when he left her years ago. But the relationship I was more invested in was between Farouk and Poppy since Ashton and Clarinda were spending the majority of the book trying to rekindle their relationship. Farouk and Poppy’s relationship with each other was more interesting because it was set up more like the two of them gaining interest in each other rather than regain their lost love and it was interesting in seeing how Poppy is able to break down Farouk’s serious nature by offering him sweets most of the time.

    For anyone who does not like sex scenes, there are a couple of explicit sex scenes in this book, so it would be best to skim over these scenes. Also, just a brief nitpick, but I wanted to see more romance scenes between Clarinda and Ashton since the majority of the book is spent on Ashton trying to rescue Clarinda from the sultan. Now, I did not mind too much about the part where Ashton is trying to rescue Clarinda, but I wanted to hear more “sexy” talk between the two characters so I could actually melt away in ecstasy whenever I hear these two characters flirting with each other.

    Overall, even though I wanted more romance between Clarinda and Ashton, “The Pleasure of Your Kiss” is a truly unique and brilliant book that romance novels fans will eat up for many years to come!

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    I read this a few weeks back but I decided to take some time to sort my thoughts so that this may actually make some sense rather than having me come across as some crazed silly lunatic fan-girl.

    The Storyline
    Clarinda and Ashton were childhood friends but as the years progressed, so did their feelings for each other. One night, Ashton sets out to leave his home and Clarinda behind but she catches him in a nearby meadow and the feelings that they had kept restrained for so long were finally let loose.

    ’...the spark of animosity between them had finally flared into something so combustible it had threatened to incinerate them both.’

    Ashton inevitably still leaves her behind and Clarinda is heartbroken beyond all reason. As time passes and stories of Ashton are heard at home, it becomes apparent to Clarinda that he's not coming back for her so she becomes engaged to his brother, Max. Clarinda and her best friend Poppy set sail to meet up with Max for their wedding when their ship is boarded and the two women are captured by the Corsairs. Fearing the worst, the two end up being bought by the sultan Farouk and they are taken to his palace in the desert as his 'guests'. Despite the fact that he is incredibly kind to both of them, they are still not allowed to leave. Max hires his brother Ashton to rescue Clarinda from the sultan not knowing the position he's putting Ashton and Clarinda both in.

    Teresa Medeiros books were the first romance books I ever read and inevitably got me hooked from that point on. I have yet to be disappointed by her; her books never lack in originality and are always entertaining. Considering this is a 500+ book I think that says a lot for her writing. I loved the exotic Middle East setting and that the majority of the storyline was spent there.

    Her characters are always vibrant and full of life. You couldn’t help but love Ashton, even though there were times that you really wanted to hate him. It was painfully obvious how much Ashton and Clarinda cared for each other but he was a fool and left her and never returned.

    ’No matter how much it galled him, Clarinda belonged to his brother now. He had promised to return her to Max, and that was exactly what he was going to do. With any luck, Max would never find out what had transpired between Ash and Max’s bride-to-be in the meadow that morning.’

    On top of loving the main characters, her secondary characters were just as fabulous. Poppy was definitely my favorite character and I loved not only the friendship between her and Clarinda but her infatuation with Farouk (and vice-versa!) was simply adorable.

    If you enjoy romance novels, this one definitely needs to be on your list. You’ll laugh, you’ll swoon, and you may even shed a tear. (I know I did!) There was a sneak peek at the end of the next book in this series (yes! A series! yay!) featuring Max. I can't wait. :D

    One final note: I received a copy of this book in the mail from Simon & Schuster a week before release with no note or anything. I have no idea who to thank for this, I don't recall entering any contests for it, but I’ll have you know I was so excited I did a little dance. And giggled. A lot. So whoever you are, book fairy at Simon & Schuster, thank you. Mass Market Paperback Corta, sencilla, entretenida.
    Lo mejor de todo la ambientación. Mass Market Paperback 3'5 Estrellas. No sé muy bien cómo opinar sobre este libro. Creo que ha tenido un poco de todo, cosas que me han gustado, otras que no... Bueno, lo principal es que me ha convencido gracias a la prosa de su autora. No son muchos los libros que he leído de Teresa Medeiros, pero todos me han gustado, más o menos. Leer sus libros es como sumergirte en un cuento de hadas adaptado a la novela romántica.

    Lo que le ha ganado a El placer de un beso es sin duda su ambientación. La mayor parte del libro ocurre en el palacio de un sultán de Marruecos, y por una vez salimos de los asfixiantes salones de baile londinenses y de sus días grises y lluviosos.

    El planteamiento del argumento es muy simple, Ashton y Clarinda se conocen de toda la vida, él era el hijo segundón de un duque, y ella la exasperante hija del acaudalado y burgués vecino. Junto al hermano mayor de Ash, Maximillian, crecieron como compañeros de juegos, pero la relación de Ash y Clarinda llegaría a ser algo más con el tiempo. Pasaron de amigos a amantes, hasta que llegó el momento de la realidad, y él como hijo segundón no tenía nada que ofrecerle a la protagonista, de modo que se alistó en el ejército para hacer algo importante con su vida.

    Clarinda jamás perdonó a Ash que la abandonara. Han pasado nueve años, y finalmente Clarinda ha decidido casarse, con Maximillian, su hermano mayor, que tanto ayudó a Clarinda en ausencia de Ash. Maximillian se encuentra en Birmania y Clarinda se embarca junto con su mejor amiga Poppy, para encontrarse con su prometido y casarse, pero en las costas africanas su barco es apresado por piratas del norte de África.

    Han pasado unos meses y Maximillian encuentra a su hermano Ash en Marruecos, le contrata para que encuentre y rescate a su prometida, comprada por el sultán de El Jadida. De éste modo, Ashton y su compinche Luca se infiltrarán de un modo inusual en dicho palacio, y harán las delicias de los habitantes del palacio, entre ellos el propio sultán, Farouk.

    Clarinda no lo tiene fácil, es hermosa y exótica entre tanta mujer que se halla en el harén del sultán, está destinada a ser su siguiente esposa y Farouk la tiene consentida. Lo que menos espera, nueve años después, es que sea Ash quien venga a rescatarla.

    A favor del libro, como he dicho, está la ambientación, me ha parecido estupenda; al igual que el ritmo narrativo de la novela, pasa rápido y es imposible aburrirte. Lo que menos me ha gustado, sobre todo al principio era la relación de sus protagonistas, no me apañaban demasiado, y no me caían especialmente bien, sobre todo Clarinda. Pero al final de la novela sus caracteres cambian para bien. Algo que también me ha gustado, pero me ha chocado bastante, es la relación de Poppy, la amiga de Clarinda con el sultán, me hacía gracia, pero a la vez me daba por pensar si realmente podía considerarse una historia romántica secundaria.

    Lo mejor, creo que ha sido el final, ha sido muy chocante y me ha dejado con unas ganas tremendas de saber el por qué de las decisiones de Max y por qué lo hizo, pero sobre todo por conocer la historia del mayor de los Burke, ése hombre frío, snob y estirado que siempre me gusta leer en las novelas románticas. Mass Market Paperback

    Ashton Burke is a legendary adventurer who has spent the past ten years roaming the globe to forget the girl he left behind. His devil-may-care life is interrupted when he's hired to rescue his brother's kidnapped fiancée from a sultan's harem. Too late, he discovers she is none other than Clarinda Cardew, the very same girl who made off with his jaded heart a decade ago.

    The last thing Clarinda wants is to be trapped in a palace of sensual delights with the man whose irresistible kisses still haunt her sleepless nights. Although he vows he is only doing his job, Clarinda quickly realizes that allowing Ashton to rescue her may put her yearning heart in even greater peril. In a journey that takes them from the delicious intrigues of a sultan's court to the glittering ballrooms of London, Ashton and Clarinda resume the steps of their dangerous dance only to discover the most seductive pleasure of all may be love itself. The Pleasure of Your Kiss (Burke Brothers, #1)


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    When Clarinda Cardew is kidnapped off a ship by the Corsairs, she’s sure that she and her best friend and companion, Poppy, will be sold as slaves into a fate worse than death. However, they are rescued (after a fashion) by the handsome sultan Farouk, and whisked off to his palace in the desert. Keep in mind, it’s 1834, and women aren’t treated quite the way they are today. Farouk is enchanted by his new English Rose, and affords her all the luxury that his wealth has to offer, but she is essentially his prisoner, even if he calls her his guest. Clarinda is no shrinking violet though, and she realizes that she’ll have to get with the program in order to eventually orchestrate her escape, even if that means being taught the art of sensual delight in service to the sultan. Luckily, her first love, Ashton Burke, is coming to her rescue. If only it weren’t for that pesky engagement to his brother, Max…

    The Pleasure of Your Kiss is my very first Regency romance, and in the spirit of trying new things in the new year, especially with books, I was happy to dive in. I’m so glad I did! The author is a pro at sexual tension, and Clarinda and Ash’s back story isn’t as black and white as you’re led to think in the beginning, and this is played to the utmost effect. When Ash’s brother, Max (yeahhh, about that…) hires him to find Clarinda and rescue her from the sultan, Ash doesn’t feel like he can refuse, but he’s terrified to see the girl that broke his heart almost 10 years earlier. Clarinda feels the exact same way about Ash though, and it’s this tension that really keeps you glued to the pages. Well, that’s not the only thing. The Moroccan locale is rich and exotic, and created the perfect backdrop for Clarinda and Ash’s drama. I also really appreciated that Farouk wasn’t made out to be terrible villain that you usually see in these kinds of scenarios. He’s a product of his upbringing (and the pressures of his station), and he genuinely has feelings for Clarinda. However, Clarinda’s best friend Poppy only has eyes for Farouk, and this storyline was great fun for me since I couldn’t help but fall in love with the charming, underappreciated, and romantic Poppy. The Pleasure of Your Kiss also made me laugh, frequently, and that’s always a plus for me. Ms. Medeiros is a pro, and it certainly shows in her writing. Yes, I love my dark fantasy and grey characters, but I’m a romantic at heart, and sometimes I like my happy endings. I found myself grinning like a fool at the end of The Pleasure of Your Kiss, and most of the pleasure is in getting there. This story reminded me a bit of an Indiana Jones movie crossed with Romancing the Stone (with some naughty thrown into the mix-I mean, come on, it takes place in a harem), and I enjoyed it immensely. Confident writing, exotic locations, and characters you can fall in love with mark this as a must read for romance, and adventure fans alike. I’m so happy I gave this one a try! Mass Market Paperback Well, that was a total waste of time.

    I think it's all that Harem setting that annoyed me the most. It was stereotyped and exaggerated so much, I mean who is Farouk anyway to have all that, I'm being a bit of a history geek, but during that time the Sultan of Morocco was Adbdulrahman, I'm quite sure they only had one, so that would make Farouk a Sheikh really, and Morocco!! since when did they have such extravagance.

    And ALL that talk about pleasure, as if it's all they did over there, they live it, they teach it, they practice it, they breath it. I should have known from the title.

    I tried to tell myself it's all not meant to be serious, but I couldn't enjoy it.

    i skipped so much because it was just all eye rolling for me.

    I did, however like Poppy, she was a fun character.

    I've enjoyed Teresa Medieros books before, so I will not let this book stop me from reading more. Mass Market Paperback 2,5/5

    Tiene dos cosas que odio:

    ★ Reencuentro (porque la idea de tantos años perdidos siempre me pone el pelo de punta)
    ★ Dos hermanos enamorados de la misma chica (simplemente no way)

    Dos cosas a favor:

    ★ Teresa Medeiros es una de mis autoras favoritas.
    ★ El que esté ambientada en Marruecos le da un tinte interesante.

    Cosas que salieron mal:

    ★ Personajes secundarios planos, poco interesantes, flojos y sin sustancia.
    ★ De Marruecos solo tiene el nombre porque acá no se nota ningún choque de culturas.


    ★ Dos personas que luego de nueve años se reencuentran en circunstancias indeseables para ambos, se ven enfrentados a los errores que cometieron de jóvenes y ante la disyuntiva de qué harán de ahora y en adelante y si todos esos años que pasaron separaros sirvieron para algo, volviéndolos mejores personas y si podrán evitar cometer los mismos errores.
    Estos dos no vuelven a enamorarse, solo retoman desde donde lo dejaron.

    Cosa que salió terriblemente mal:

    ★ El final.

    El libro hasta ese momento no estaba mal, las riñas entre ambos eran graciosas, aunque no románticas, pero se leía. Pero no entiendo porqué ese final, y esa villanización hacia a ese secundario solo para hacerle más fácil el que escogiera a uno sobre otro.
    Mass Market Paperback ah Teresa.......

    Teresa Medeiros manages to make me shed tears more often than any other romance authors. Something in her stories always speaks to my sentimental self. This story is one of unrequitted love, going on 9 years long. When Clarinda was just 17 and Ash 21. Ash left to make a better future, to become worthy of Clarinda. In doing so, he lost her. Or so he thought.

    I cannot say more without making the review spoilery. Suffice it to say that all is not what it seems and both had reasons to believe that the person they loved chose something or something over them. They had misunderstanding but were not cruel to each other. Sometimes writers are so hung up giving us a big misunderstanding to create the tention and make the lead characters treat each other like garbage. So unromantic. But Teresa Medeiros always manage to show that caring side of both lead characters.

    The exotic setting is indeed intriguing. I was not so impressed with the secondary romance but it was written with wit so I tolerated it well enough. The harem setting did not do much for me but since that is how the story is supposed to play out, I went along. Clarinda and Ash alone could have carried the story without these fancy tropes, I feel. But the writer wrote the book this way, I respectifully accept her literary decisions.

    I was surprised how fast I finished the story. This book has more than 500 pages. But I skipped a lot of the descriptions. They were just not necessary for the story and I think that is the missing star.

    All in all, classic Teresa Medeiros. I enjoyed reading the book because of her style and the loving characters she created. I do feel the relationship could have been depicted in a more heart-wrentching way but I feel that she stopped short before reaching that point. So this book leaves me with the feeling that it is a good story that could have been so wonderful. Mass Market Paperback Beautiful setting! Loved the Moroccan backdrop, Teresa did an exceptional job painting the Middle Eastern desert, the sights, sounds and the character interactions and culture there. Everything felt so vivid and very real, I loved all the attention paid to every finite detail in the Moroccan culture. The palace, the harem, the desert weather, the hammam, the concubines and dancing girls. Fun and so enchanting! Really loved the Sultan, Farouk and the surprise side love story between him and Clarinda's best friend the bespectacled cheerful Poppy. So so charming and adorable! Those two honestly stole the show for me in this as far as couples. I kept wanting to skim pages in hopes of catching another scene between them. I kept wishing we got more page time with them and their HEA near the end was a little bit rushed. The overall ending of the story was dragged out a *little* too long and I did struggle to feel the connection between Ash and Clarinda for some reason. I don't know why, there was a whole lot of tension and sexual chemistry between the two but I just struggled to feel that oomph, something for them, Clarinda in particular. I think part of it was the whole 'we loved each other when we were kids' lovers reunion that I'm personally not a fan of. I struggled to believe the idea of these two longing and dreaming about each other for 9 years straight especially over their one brief awkward tumble in the meadows when they were teens. And I wasn't crazy about the whole reasoning/misunderstanding behind why Ash left all those years ago. Meh.

    I have to say the reason I'm giving this a 3 star is because of the last 2/3rds of the book. I was for sure going to give this a 4 star until I came to the end of the book. After Ash and Clarinda make an escape, the sultan catching up with them, Farouk's quick decision regarding Poppy, etc...I didn't feel satisfied enough, I felt a little bit underwhelmed to be honest. First, like I said earlier I really wanted more page time with Farouk actually courting Poppy and falling for her, most of it seemed to happen off the page and his feelings for her were never really voiced until the very end where he's kind of cajoled in to asking her to stay (I didn't like that, I was hoping for more) in front of an audience no less. The second reason, once Ash and Clarinda are free to go, the whole drama with Ash's brother Alex just seemed to drag on tirelessly and took a while to come to a conclusion. The confrontation at the very end for me wasn't as dramatic as I thought it would be (given all the build up) especially with the surprise secrete revealed by Clarinda, which by the way felt too contrived for me. Like these two didn't have enough misunderstandings and secrets to deal with, this had to be thrown in there too? Yikes. Too much. And then you have 3 characters spilling everything in literally the last 3 pages of the book. It just became silly and exhausting. The ending just wasn't as satisfying as I was expecting it to be given how engaging the rest of the story was up until that point. But still, it was a very wonderful book. These were my own personal gripes, the rest of the story was very fun and enjoyable with tons of adventure and laughs. The banter in this was wonderful! The quick wit and humor was very charming and very Medeiros. Ash and his sidekick Luca cracked me up. :) Mass Market Paperback