The Pandora's Box Trilogy: Book One: Into the Void By Adam Teachout

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    Lucy Deakins has a great imagination. She makes up great endings to books and movies. Since her father died in the September 11th attacks she hasn't been the same, and has been devoting herself more and more to writing these new endings. It is her talent for imagination that attracts the attention of Pandora, an evil being who wishes to rule another world called the Void. Pandora has created makers to help her take over the Void and make it perfect. Lucy doesn't know it, but she is the last maker Pandora needs.

    Billy, a mute wrestler, is also a maker. However, Billy has already been captured by Pandora and taken into the Void. With the help of another maker, a World War II veteran, he escapes Pandora's dungeon but is lost all alone in the Void.

    Lucy and Billy must not only avoid Pandora, who is scary enough by herself, but they also have to look out for Pandora's huge snake named Nag and her werewolf slave. As if these creatures aren't bad enough, the Void has a nasty habit of changing itself often and with little notice. So, if Lucy and Billy aren't running from Pandora and her goons, they're trying not to fall through the ground that is opening up under their feet.

    The Void is a very scary place -- can Lucy and Billy survive and get back home?

    INTO THE VOID is a real page-turner. Adam Teachout is wonderful at describing characters and scenes. The storyline is unique and like nothing you've ever read before. You will find yourself totally sucked into Lucy and Billy's adventures, and the book may need to be removed from your hand because you honestly can't put it down. Can't wait for book two! English

    The Pandora's Box Trilogy: Book One: Into the Void