The One Minute Millionaire: The Enlightened Way to Wealth : Hansen, Mark Victor, Allen, Robert G. By î 7 Free download

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    A well written book that caters for both left side thinkers (logical types) and the right side brain users (the creative ones). Written by two serial entrepenuers who have made millions and are in pole position to teach what they know. What was really unique about this book was that the left side pages cater for logical type of people (me included) and the right side pages for the creative. I read both sides and it flows and gels together very well. A must read for any aspiring entrepenuer. Womens I've been devouring personal development books and this is one of the very few that resonant beyond a financial level. It speaks of integrity, honesty and service to others and how this will and does uplift your life and circumstances.For those who are skeptical of such concepts don't be this book is filled with concrete suggestions and tips on how to build wealth through real estate, marketing and business.This book isn't just about getting wealthy. It's about being rich in character as well as wallet the way it should be.The story part of the book to reinforce the lessons is also brilliant It is brilliantly written and reinforces the message at an emotional leave.Highly recommend will change your life ! Womens One half of the book is a practicle learning tool and the other is a fictional story of how one lady used the same ideas to transform her life. I couldn't wait to read the other half when I got started, it really was a great read. Even though the fictional side is fictional it shows how you could use the principles in a real situation even if you would need balls of steel and lady luck on your side to attempt some of the deals pulled off. It really highlighted the necessity of having a team around you rather than working alone towards a goal. Very motivating. Womens I really love this book. I am three quarters of my way in and like the right hand pages where it reads like a story, you keep thinking of the characters which is good because it shows you actually remember the stuff begin said. It has also given me some ideas I never thought about. I think it is a breath of fresh air from other motivational books who just bark at you quotes and short term motivation. I give this a 5 star. Womens Seller reviewThank you betterworldbooksltd for being considered with providing good quality books in good condition!Book reviewI have some of Robert G. Allen’s other books and I enjoy his content and writing style him and Mark Victor Hansen provide instructions and stories In this book to help you achieve your goals!Yes I would recommend this book 📖 Womens