The Master: The Brilliant Career of Roger Federer By Christopher Clarey

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    I purchased this book as a gift for my partner. Everything seemed fine and he enjoyed reading it very much. Until he reached page 280 and than 30 pages were missing due to a print error!! Extremely dissapointed, and also my return window has already closed (it honestly didn't cross my mind to check every single chapter when first receiving the book). It was supposed to be a special gift and I was so sad to see this. The book itself is great tho. 1529342058 Excellent insight into one of the greatest sportsmen of our generation 1529342058

    The brilliant career of Roger Federer a brilliant book by a brilliant journalist!Absolut lesenswert, gibt einen wunderbaren Einblick in die großartige Karriere des Maestro. 1529342058 I haven't finished this book yet but really enjoying the insights into how Roger joined the tennis world and the in depth interviews with him. A truly amazing talent and all round lovely guy. 1529342058 I wanted it for a gift for a Federer fan but the book was black dirt down spine I had to wipe off and spine damaged and back cover crease through so disappointed in condition. Looks like it maybe already been read and sent back or something, but disappointing. Am sure the book itself to read will be fab. But new would have been better!!! 1529342058 I wasn't sure how interesting a biography of Roger Federer would be, because I though his life story was pretty straightforward. So initially, I just ordered a Kindle sample, but this was so well written and interesting, that I went on to buy the entire book. And I am really glad that I did, I learnt a lot both about Federer and the professional tennis circuit, and I have read a lot of tennis books!Christopher Clarey has put together a fascinating story and narrative and would love to see him write other tennis bios too. 1529342058 The speaker Kliff… takes himself seriously than the text. His pathetic attempts at faking Italuan, French or German accents are rudiculous. 200 pages too many. 1529342058