The King of Jerks By Helenaelise

    The book was a nice read.

    The chemistry between Rigid and Ran was undeniable right from their very first encounters. Their story gave a lot of justice for the romance of the whole book.

    It could have been a much better read if it was retained in its Filipino medium, or at least its translation was more worked out. Some of the narration and dialogue tend to sound awkward; they seemed to have been translated verbatim from its original language. So much of the humor of the story end up getting sacrificed because of their rough translation from the original Filipino-only humor. (Example: What am I, crazy? >> Ano ako, baliw?)

    There were also some details of the story that deserves to be worked out more, too. Like the sudden and somewhat insertion of their encounter in the US and not seeing each other again six years later. And, Ran's being a surgeon and Rigid's being an AFP general, among others.

    Nevertheless, the book is worthy of its reader's enjoyment.
    3.5/5 stars The King of Jerks its a good story The King of Jerks 1. The story was cliche but treated in a comic way.
    2. James John Andres showed his illustrating talent and wowed me again.
    3. The layout was great, thanks to miss April. The King of Jerks

    It was a such a great story, no doubt about it. ☺ The King of Jerks Love the build up of the story. It is balance and fun reading all along. Love Rigid! Such lovable dude. The King of Jerks The story was very nice and I'm glad that this was translated from the Wattpad version. I really enjoyed reading it. It's a good read to start this month. :)

    What I liked about this story is that it really is a nice read. Not to cliché neither a heavy read. And it also divulge with the medical setting. Not that its a common thing but I never read parts of the brain talking to each other or defining love as an effect if hormones. The King of Jerks Re-read.

    Still my fave wattpad story! 💖 The King of Jerks Lol nope The King of Jerks

    Wearing the favorie green wig and dressed as her favorite anime character. Ran Figueroa went to school in high spirits . But her mood quietly soured when saw the student council's dictatorial president. Rigid Razor Montez. The Campus King of Jerks. Good morning. Ms. Figuera. I didn't know you were culturing a group of green algae on your head, Rigid teased, smirking.

    So early in the day and he was already enraging her! Ran's life could've been perfect, but thanks to that cosplay-hating jerk, she was always getting in trouble. She hated him with a passion. But she was accidentally set up with him. She realized how much she wanted him. But could she make the King of Jerks want her back? The King of Jerks

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