The Joy of the Gospel: A six-week study on sharing faith By

    Very well written This book was chosen for church study this Lent. It isn’t too complicated & keeps things relatively simple which ensures life is easier than some of these religious books. Wow!! This really makes you think and really challenges you! As described bought for a church lent group This is the book we are going to use for our Lent Study in our parish church. Paula is a good frien of Church Army and I am sure this book will live up to our expetations and enable our congregation to explore further living their faith.

    This six part course for parishes and Lent groups is based on Pope Francis’ much acclaimed recent reflections on mission and evangelism, published as Evangelii Gaudium (‘The Joy of the Gospel’).

    Widely recognised as offering wisdom and vision for all Christians in a culture that is often hostile to the church, Evangelii Gaudium offers a positive and realistic approach to sharing faith in the modern world. Paula Gooder introduces its key themes to readers in all denominations and challenges them to consider its application in their own contexts.

    The course includes:
    Preface: Why Study Evangelii Gaudium?
    1. The Joy of the Gospel
    2. The Church’s Missionary Transformation
    3. Amid the Crisis of Communal Commitment
    4. The Proclamation of the Gospel
    5. The Social Dimension of Evangelization
    6. Spirit filled Evangelizers
    The Joy of the Gospel: A six-week study on sharing faith

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