The Hunted By Gabriel Bergmoser

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    This type of horror/action thriller isn’t my usual thing but boy, did I love this book.

    The book is split into ‘then’ and ‘now’ sections. ‘Now’ features teenager Allie who has gotten into trouble with bullies at school at the same time as her parents are planning to divorce. As part punishment, part getting her out of the way whilst her parents sort things out, she is sent to stay with her grandfather, Frank, who runs a service station/roadhouse literally in the middle of nowhere. Frank and Allie are still tiptoeing around each other when a young woman drives into the service station before passing out from some horrific injuries.

    The ‘then’ section focuses on Simon, who has left the city to find the ‘real’ Australia, and Maggie, whom he meets in a bar. Maggie claims to be homeless and she persuades Simon to let her join him on his road trip. The 'then' part follows them as they drive down one dirt road too many into the back of beyond.

    I felt like Bergmoser reached his peak when the two story/timelines eventually met up. He created heart pounding tension along with a slew of roller coaster action episodes. The pace was frenetic but wonderful. I felt like every scene was a cliffhanger, let alone the end of the chapters. I literally could not stop reading and sat up way too late, flicking pages like a mad woman, to discover how the characters would fare in this weird wild world.

    The action was all very well written. I knew exactly what was happening and could picture the scenes easily. They were also very clever and original. Characters get into, and out of, tight situations in the most unexpected and unique ways. Certainly nothing seemed cliched to me. Some of the scenarios might usually stretch the imagination but Bergmoser managed to make them all seem realistic.

    Bergmoser has written a few young adult books but I wouldn’t recommend this to youngsters! As I said, this isn’t my usual genre, so I’m not sure how graphic these novels usually are, but I would give a content warning of violence and swearing and it’s certainly not for the fainthearted.

    The official publication date isn’t until June but I managed to read this via an ARC on Net Galley (thanks Harper Collins). I recommend you click on pre-order and grab yourself a copy when this becomes available. It’s got the added bonus of appealing to both male and female readers, I think.

    5 out of 5 I’ll definitely be on the lookout for future Bergmoser books. Paperback ⭐️4.5 Stars⭐️
    The Hunted was absolutely blood curdling, brutal and action packed. I was quite taken aback when I realised this thriller was part blood-bath rampage but once over the initial shock I really enjoyed what was a fast paced and suspenseful read.

    The story is set in the desolate sunburned Australian Outback. After having returned from a road trip camping in the Northern Territory outback just over a week ago I feel so relieved I read this book after my trip and not before! Think an action packed Wolf Creek and you’ll understand where I’m coming from!!

    The story features fifty something Frank who owns a roadhouse that sits hours from the nearest town and on a remote highway. He's been sent his granddaughter Allie to stay with him for a short time but when an injured young woman turns up at the roadhouse and collapses out of her car, coated in blood and mud the violence begins and nobody is safe.....

    The scenes are so vivid and this book would make the most creepiest, messed up movie! Paperback *

    **4.5 stars**

    The Hunted by Gabriel Bergmoser. (2020).

    Frank is a service station owner on a little-used highway who just wants a quiet life. His granddaughter has just come to stay to fix her attitude but they don't talk a lot. When a badly injured young woman arrives at the service station with several cars in pursuit, Frank and a few unsuspecting customers are thrust into a sudden life-or-death standoff. But who are this group of people who will yup to any lengths for revenge? And what do they want? Other than no survivors...?

    Woooowwwwww. This is one excellent piece of writing! It won't be for everyone because of the detailed violence and crude language. BUT. If you don't mind that, then definitely pick this one up. I can't believe I almost returned this to the library without reading because I had too many books at home - it would have been such a shame to have missed this one! It's an intense, fast and action-packed read; it has a 'Wolf Creek' or 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre' feel to it which I wasn't really expecting at all to be honest, but worked so well. The story alternates between the current stand-off, and then the events involving Maggie that led to the stand-off. The suspense and tension makes for one compelling storyline. I look forward to the sequel featuring Maggie, she is one hell of a bad-ass woman.
    Highly recommend this novel to those that can appreciate a dark thriller/horror type of story. Paperback Well, I must admit this book took me by surprise as I didn’t expect it to be a heart stopping read one in which I couldn’t put down. This book ticked all the boxes for me when it comes to reading a thriller. Page turner, gruesome, intense, edge of your seat this book had the lot plus so much more.

    Aussie author Gabriel Bergmoser sure knows how to get his reader’s attention that’s for sure. So if you are looking for your next page turner look no further as this one is a must. Highly recommended. Paperback Fans of everything from slasher films such as Wolf Creek, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and Wrong Turn through to Criminal Minds, sit up and take notice.

    Now – Frank owns and runs The Roadhouse – a combination gas station, diner, and convenience store in a remote area of Victoria. There's nothing else for miles, and that's the way he likes it.

    Then – Melbournite, Simon is on a road trip, and he's determined to see and experience the ‘real' Australian outback.

    Both are about to encounter the same young woman in different scenarios.

    They'll quickly wish they hadn't.

    Because, their lives (along with a handful of others) are about to turn into the stuff of nightmares. And it's going to be a bloodbath.

    When I think of the Australian Outback I envision the adventure of a lifetime, a dream scenic vacation in a beautiful, vast, unspoiled wilderness, but The Hunted painted a very different savage, uncivilised picture, and showed just how quickly things can turn threatening and deadly in such isolated surroundings. Horrific and terrifying, with twists and turns galore, my heart was pounding for the entire 288 ‘non-stop action-packed thrill-ride’ pages.

    Right from the get go my hackles were raised, my anxiety high, as character's gut-instincts warned them something was very wrong but they ignored their unease, didn't want to believe they were in danger. For others, it was an unfortunate case of simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    The characterisations were fantastic. The good guys ranged from brave to cowardly, relying on their wits and resourcefulness to outsmart and survive. The psychopathic baddies were truly evil and their dialogue, mannerisms and behaviour were spot-on. They showed no mercy, lived by a cultish mentality, perpetrated their own sick moral code, and even when they were pretending to be friendly and kind, they oozed revulsion and creepiness. I loved Frank and his evolving relationship with his Granddaughter, Allie (who was visiting him for a few weeks). A third character was very memorable too, but I can't spoil who it was.

    As you've probably figured, there were some graphic kill scenes, high body count, and as you would expect, not everyone made it, so not for the faint-hearted. But the humour the author injected into the writing toned down the grimness, and it helped that the goriest deaths were reserved for the bad people.

    While reading I kept thinking that The Hunted would make an amazing movie. Well, guess what, it is being made into a film – yippee! Gabriel Bergmoser, you hit the mark with this adrenaline-pumping, incredible read. It sure did scare me! Paperback


    This was another in-between thriller for me, but what an unforgettable story it turned out to be. ‘The Hunted’ must be one of the most heartbeat stopping thrillers I ever read. And, mind you, I do not mean that in the sense of the body slashing tales of Karin Slaughter or Jo Nesbo. This is a tale that really gets too close for comfort and in that way it almost gets personal because it is not unthinkable that this could happen to you, driving on a long empty road in a far off wild region in the U.S. or in this case Australia, where the story takes place. And, yes, this is about hunting and extremely sick people who like to hunt. Humans, that is.
    Prepare to hold your breath. Many times over. It is that good!
    Paperback There is a stranger inside Frank's house. His estranged granddaughter is living with him for a brief period and he knows as little about how to care for her as he knows about how to talk to teenage girls in general. He escapes from his ramshackle home every day to make the kilometre walk to the just as ramshackle service station he owns and runs, which provides the only source of meagre rest and nourishment on the largely disused highway road it rests beside. But, one day, familial discontent prove to be the least of his worries when a girl falls from her car, coated in blood and mud and in dire need of his assistance. She only has one direction to give before she succumbs into unconsciousness from her injuries: do not call the cops!

    This was one WILD FUCKING RIDE! This entire book was just pure, fast-paced tension and I loved every insane page of it! Events continued to spiral and the barriers were incessantly pushed. This type of bloody horror does not impact me as it may others, and so I found more sick enjoyment than actual terror here, but I enjoyed it just as much for that.

    The multiple perspectives and timelines ensured a thrilling mystery was explored and it wasn't until the central point of this back-and-forth narrative that the reader was given the truth of what was occurring. This did not mean the concluding portion was any less thrilling, however, only that it became more blood-soaked.

    I received this book in exchange for an honest review. Thank you to the author, Gabriel Bergmoser, and the publisher, Faber and Faber, for this opportunity. Paperback Oh my goodness, what a dark book The Hunted is! I read this in one afternoon, completely addicted to what was happening on the pages. I love a good Aussie crime thriller and this was so much more than a thriller. It is a gruesome and graphic read and may not be for everybody. If you can cope with explicit language and details on murder you will love it!!

    Frank and his granddaughter are having a normal day in their roadside petrol station on an outback highway, kilometres from everywhere. There are 2 customers when a young woman turns up, bloody and beaten in serious need to medical help. She is adamant there is to be no police. The 4 of them try to help the poor girl - and then some evil and dangerous men come looking for the girl, Megan. This is the beginning of a day that they would rather forget.

    I won this book in a giveaway from Bookster and Harper Collins and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Paperback Maggie is the Hunted, the intended prey of violent men who she has upset badly and are now out for revenge. That is until she stumbles into Frank's run down roadhouse on a lonely stretch of highway in the Australian outback. Now Frank, his granddaughter Allie and customers are all the Hunted.

    This is one for those who like their thrillers dark, graphic and menacing. More violent than books I normally read and definitely not one for the faint hearted, but utterly compelling. The waves of suspense just keep on coming as the tension ramps up and up to boiling point. A high octane roller-coaster of a novel, brilliantly written with strong characters to cheer for. Just don't read it before going to sleep, like I did.

    With thanks to HarperCollins Australia and Netgalley for a copy to read Paperback Well that's certainly what I call an unputdownable novel! It comes out of the boxes running, and doesn't let up until the finishing post is reached.

    When an injured girl drives into a service station in outback Australia, little does the owner know that his life, and the lives of those around him, are about to get very interesting. And that's an understatement. I'm not going to say anymore as I don't want to give anything away.

    This is a book for all action, thriller and suspense lovers, so do yourself a favour and grab a copy!

    4.5 stars rounded up to 5.

    My thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for an ARC in exchange for an honest review. Paperback

    Where does the adventure end . . .
    and the nightmare begin?

    Frank owns a service station on a little-used highway. His granddaughter, Allie, is sent to stay with him for the summer, but they don't talk a lot.

    Simon is a dreamer and an idealist, in thrall to the romance of the open road and desperately in search of something.

    Maggie is the woman who will bring them together, someone whose own personal journey will visit unimaginable terror on them all. . .

    'With echoes of Deliverance and Battle Royale, the Australian outback-set The Hunted is a truly terrifying, breathlessly exciting novel. It gut-punches you in the first few pages and doesn't let you recover until the final, thrilling climax. An extraordinary book.' M. W. CRAVEN

    What readers are saying:

    'A high octane roller-coaster of a novel, brilliantly written with strong characters to cheer for. Just don't read it before going to sleep like I did.'

    'This type of horror/action thriller isn't my usual thing but boy, did I love this book.'

    'This entire book was just pure, fast-paced tension and I loved every insane page of it.'

    'I'd say it's a hard book to put down, but a couple of times I found the suspense heightened enough that I needed a break. That's how good it was.'

    'Even the squeamish would find it difficult to put this book down for very long.' The Hunted