The Gates of Hell (Arianna Rose, #5) By Jennifer Martucci

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    Some of the things in the book seemed a bit off. I'm not quite sure what. I think maybe the character of Darius bothered me. He seemed more like a spoiled tantrum throwing teenager than the son of the devil. And he didn't appear all that powerful to me, I dunno. For example, his encounter with Lilith...he didn't realize until being with her that he enjoyed causing pain? What? I would think the son of the devil would have realized that centuries ago. And how he was insecure about his leadership skills. Just weird little things like that. Overall though, it was a nice conclusion to the series. Fantasy, Paranormal Last Book of an Awesome Series

    Read all 5 books in a few days. I just had to read them all. Characters are well written, you are immersed in their struggles, hopes, fear, and love. This series has action, magic, suspense, excitement and love. I highly recommended this series and plan on reading the books again. Fantasy, Paranormal When starting this book... I was a bit confused on who Suzanne was...? After reading a few pages into the book it all pieced together... Darius was the connection. It took me a little longer to read this book.... I felt like it was predictable and was probably my least favorite out of the series.. However, I read the other 4 books and I just had to conclude the series. Fantasy, Paranormal The best

    This has been one of the best books I have ever read thank you both for writing them you both rock as writes keep up the great work can't wait to read more of your all's work thanks Fantasy, Paranormal This is the final book in the series. Arianna (the sola) must save humanity from Darius (the son of the devil). Darius is trying to open all the gates to hell. If he gets the final gate open then they won't be able to defeat him. Unfortunately, Darius always seems to be a step ahead of them. I really liked the conclusion to this series. All the battles fought and lives lost have led to this final battle. I wish there were more books about Arianna's adventures as the the Sola but, as with all good stories, it has come to an end. Fantasy, Paranormal

    Time is running out. The countdown to the end of days has commenced. Portals between hell and earth are being opened. Evil has begun to roam the planet. And only one person can stop it before humanity is claimed by the underworld.
    Will Arianna make it in time to stop the final gate from opening? Or will the veil between hell and earth be stripped away, unleashing a reign of terror and violence so great humankind will fall, and darkness will rule for eternity?
    Find out in this final installment of the Arianna Rose series…
    Arianna Rose: The Gates of Hell
    The Gates of Hell (Arianna Rose, #5)


    Very good ending wish there was more recommend this series for a good read. Will have to check out other series Fantasy, Paranormal Sad to know that this is the last book of the series. I thoroughly enjoyed this series. Thank you, Jennifer & Christopher, great job! Fantasy, Paranormal this book was the best of them all. packed full of suspense and romance. I loved the entire series. Fantasy, Paranormal Excellent!

    You know a series of books are good when you're sad that you've read the last one. I wasn't ready to be finished with these characters. Fantasy, Paranormal I loved it so much Fantasy, Paranormal