The Devils Gunslinger By Chet Cunningham


    I do not usually read westerns but I read this book and would highly recommend it to everyone Western, Nonfiction, Fiction Awesome read! Western, Nonfiction, Fiction

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    Sully Sampson earned the nickname as “The Devil’s Gunslinger” in the Civil War. But when he returned to his Memphis, Tennessee small ranch he found his wife and two daughters murdered and all of his livestock taken by the Yankee army and all of his buildings burned. He gathered up five more Memphis area ex Rebels who had lost family or homes to the rampaging Yankees, and sets out on a mission of revenge. It takes two months of burning, killing and looting northern towns before his revenge is burned out and his team cut down to two. He and Curley Johnson are head for Texas where they hear there are thousands of free roaming beef cattle turned loose during the war by southern ranchers who could no longer tend to them. He raises a crew and begins driving them to Fort Worth and Dallas. He has hopes of setting up a real ranch in the big valley and buy ten sections of land. He has a lifetime of work ahead of him. The Devils Gunslinger