The Cadaver Factory By Kenneth Jarrett Singleton

    Jack Rally is an eighteen-year-old boy who is evil and witty. He receives an opportunity from an older film-maker named Mr. Bigsley whose films are films of actual murders. Jack takes the opportunity and runs with it, becoming a master of his murderous profession. Jack, the brutal young man that he is, enjoys murdering and causing havoc in this setting of a more brutal future for mankind and mankind's ways. The tale can be called a psychotic masterpiece and is unique in its content, psychological base, and theme. The Cadaver Factory

    Kenneth Jarrett Singleton Ý 5 Read & Download

    I've read many horror books because I love them so much. This is my new favorite. My friend Melody gave a copy of this book to me suspecting that I'd like it as much as she did, and she was right. The story itself totally boggled my mind. It is not paranormal related, instead, realistic. That, in my opinion, it makes it way better and scarier. The fear it gave me was intense, because of it's realistic nature. It's extremely graphic and violent. There are no boring, drawn out parts; just a total thrill ride. English I suppose when I purchase books I should look at the page count. This book is 51 pages, took roughly 20 minutes to read, luckily it was only 20 minutes if it were any longer I'd say it was a colossal waste of time. Nothing at all original in this short story, brutality for the sake of brutality with simply nothing to make it a good read. English