The Assistant Crisis (Magicians Luck #1) By Hope Bennett

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    4.5☆ 🥰 103 The title and cover art attracted me to this magical novella and I'm glad I read it. It moves pretty fast but Al gets stuck with an assistant after his best friend who is a magician finds one for him. Al is an awkward, easily flustered older man whose assistant, Sean, is younger, bigger, bossy and broody and so attractive. He teaches Sean how to control and use his magic while trying to hide his attraction. There's a series of misunderstandings, steamy moments, and magic in this lovely novella :) I enjoyed reading it. 103

    A cute, standalone M/M Fantasy Romance.

    Al is the most respected magician in Britain. But he’s clueless when it comes to love.

    So when he finds himself with an assistant, and that assistant is gorgeous, clever, strangely sweet and bossy, he’s at a complete loss.

    As more assistants turn up to try and replace Sean, Al finds he needs to show Sean that he’s the only assistant Al wants.

    And if Sean decides to show Al that they can be more than that, then who is he to complain?

    This is a M/M Romance with a sprinkling of magic. Clueless magicians, surly assistants, steamy interludes and a happy ever after.

    Warning: contains explicit scenes. The Assistant Crisis (Magicians Luck #1)