Taken by Force By Christopher Pierce

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    PREVIEW HERE: http://www.kilibro.com/en/book/previe... Slovak What to say about this anthology... There were a handful of stories that I enjoyed, but the vast majority left me feeling disturbed. The stories I liked were: Frat-napped by Logan Zachary, The Colony by Logan Zachary, The Diplomat's Son by Hank Edwards, and Intervention by O.H. Fowler. Slovak This is a collection of 14 short stories on the theme of abduction published by Christopher Pierce. I thought I'd never finish this book. I found the first half too much for me (rape) or dull (sex+sex+sex=dull). So I took pause between each stories. But the second part was more interesting.

    Frat-napped by Logan Zachary
    The MC goes to the room of Greg, his brother who studied at college. But his brother is not there still. Waiting for him, he’s attacked by unknown guys who gag, hood and bind him. Then the guys play sexually with him. The MC thinks that it’s a mistake: that the guys think that he is his brother because they look much alike. The hardest thing that happens in this short story is that the MC has his pubis hair removed with a sharp razor (no damage done).

    Taking Brian by Shane Alison
    The MC, who is gay, decides to go to Brian’s place with a bottle of chloroform to put him to sleep so he will be able to bind, gag and blindfold him. The MC has always found his straight old friend Brian very attractive and this is the day he’ll make a blowjob to him.

    Bloodless Coup by Mark Apoapsis
    A revolution begins on a planet where the population lives miserably, working in unhealthy mines. The prince, who lived richly, is captured with his guards and humiliated by all the population who begins to improve their way of life. Even the brothers of the prince, who rule over other planets, don’t give a sh*t of what happened to their brother. So, the prince is kept captive in a dungeon and is annually humiliated the day of the coup.

    Excerpt from Fog by Jeff Mann
    This is the part of Fog in which Jay and Al (pseudonyms) have just kidnapped Rob. That’s just a long rape scene. I hate rapes soooo much! At least if the raped young guy was a little more combative, but he just cries. I hate it!!

    The Colony by Logan Zachary
    The beginning piqued my curiosity. The MC gets lost in a place where his cell phone doesn’t catch any signal. There are a few houses, but all the people there live as in The Little House in the Prairie. Their problem is inbreeding. So they need new genes for the reproduction. But the MC is gay and he doesn’t get aroused when a woman try to copulate with him. One of the young guy there discovers the joy of homosexuality and he flees with the MC.

    The Diplomat’s Son by Hanks Edwards
    Part I: The Abduction
    Kyle Lassister, the son of a diplomat in South America, is kidnapped. He awakened in a car’s trunk. But this is his friend Diego who abducted him and he wants Kyle to worship his boots, call him Sir, and so on. “Would you please put a finger in my ass, sir?” asks Kyle to Diego. And they fuck for the rest of the part I of this story.
    Part II: Armando
    But Diego is Armando’s bodyguard. And this is Armando who asked Diego to kidnap Kyle. He keeps Kyle locked up in a room. Armando spent his life in politics and wants to take control of the country. Then Armando and Kyle take a shower together and they fuck too.
    Part III: Prisoner
    Kyle is kept in a stone-walled cell. He is kept by Berto, a member of the resistance army. Then Berto asks Kyle to suck his cock.
    Part IV: Rescue and Return
    After that, an older man named Domingo comes. He was general of the army when Kyle’s father arrived as the US Ambassador. He was the man who planned the resurgence. But Kyle is saved by an American soldier called Gunderson, who is gay, as all the other characters in this story. And guess what? Gunderson fucks with Kyle.
    Turner Lassister, Kyle’s father, decides to meet Armando and appoints Kyle as mediator. Kyle meets Diego and Armando and asks them to shine his boots with their tongues. Then the three of them... Yes. They all fuck together.

    Shank’s Lesson by Rick Polney
    Shank was one of the rare prisoners to walk out alive of a central prison in Uzbekistan. That jail has been closed for brutality that made even police states professional sadists blanch. Shank is brutal. One of his favorite activities is to stole, beat and fist unwilling gays.
    He kidnapped a blond hooker and a young Laotian sub. He renamed the hooker “Whore” and the Laotian “Snowflake”. He strikes them and forces them to give each other a rough blowjob. Then Shank suspended himself above a 43-stories building and fuck them that way. The only thing that keeps them from falling is Shank’s grip. Then he steals a car and drives away.
    This story is a little better written than the others before. It kept me interested all along.

    Hudson Woods by K. Appelby
    A guy named Billy awakes in a cabin in the woods (that I supposed to be Hudson Woods – O.K. I am a genius). He doesn’t remember anything but his name and a few details before being captured. When the guys who probably captured him approached the cabin, Billy escapes by a window and meets a giant name Mark. The MC doesn’t know if Mark is one of his kidnappers, so he escapes Mark’s cabin after giving him a blowjob. He falls asleep in the middle of the woods. He remembers the last time he fucked his boyfriend. He thinks that it was just before his capture. But he discovers his car and keys all rusted. So, he thinks that he was held prisoner much longer than he first thought. That was as if his car has been there for years. But when he looks at himself in the car mirror, he discovers that he has not aged at all. So he doesn’t understand anything anymore.
    I won’t tell you what the rest of the story is about. Just say that it turns out S-F.

    Passport to Freedom by Lew Bull
    Four journalists, two German, one British and one American, are captured by terrorists in South America. Captain Miguel Lopez questions them.
    “What aspects of the war are you covering?” The captain asked.
    “I think we’ve tried to cover every aspect,” answered the American.
    “Even how kind and gentle, we, rebels, as you call us, can be?”
    So guess what the rebels did to prove how “kind and gentle” they could be.
    “Let us go. You said you were fighting for freedom, so you can set a good example of that ideology by setting us free, and we could also write about the good that your men are doing in our various newspapers.”
    Then, Mr. Gary, the American sucks the captain’s cock to get rewarded by his freedom and that of his friends journalists.

    The After Workout by Milton Stern
    Bobby is kidnapped by two beautiful blond twins that are over 6 feet tall and very well endowed. He is drugged and he falls asleep. When he wakes up bound on a table, one of the twins says: “We just want to have a little fun with you, and if we enjoy ourselves, we will let you go when we are done, but if we find you tedious, we will torture you until you beg for your own death.” Then they piss all over Bobby. Guess what happens next.

    Intervention by O.H. Fowler
    Dr. Turrow, a pediatrician accused of pedophilia wins his process and a lot of money but losts his practice. The MC says: “I had become a notorious pervert”. He goes to a party where he meets a young punk named Blue. But Blue is the attraction of the party. Soon, Blue is bound on a stage. Beside it, there are condoms, lube and some toys (floggers,...). Dr. Turrow fucks Blue after removing his ball gag. But Blue mocks him, so Dr. Turrow takes his revenge by flogging him and fucking him again roughly, his ball gag in his mouth this time. But Turrow falls deep in love with Blue and he begins to stalk him to know how he lives. Blue is a hustler who lives miserably. But Turrow is jealous each time he sees Blue sucking another man’s cock and he’s angry when he learns that Blue takes drugs. Then, Turrow makes some changes to his house: close circuit monitors, soundproofing and so on. So, one night, when Blue is attacked by homophobic guys in a back alley, Turrow drugs Blue to keep him asleep and brings him to his place.
    It was a good story. Much better in every ways than the one before. I don’t know this author, but I believe this is a woman. She should write more of this kind of stories.

    The K9 Project by Christopher Pierce
    Phase 1. Subject acquisition
    Chosen subject: 25-year-old Caucasian male named Randy. The acquirer chloroforms Randy and brings him to the company.
    Phase 2. Preparation for Conditioning
    Randy is disguised in dog with a device to administer electric chocks to his cock “to discourage and punish inappropriate behavior”.
    Phase 3. Canine Conditioning
    “... the canine compound has reached its optimum level in the subject bloodstream.” Randy is given an electroshock each time he doesn’t act like a dog.
    Phase 4. Sexual Training
    As the title of this phase says, Randy gets his sexual training, which is not very doggy. He is said that he’ll get food only when he serves sexually his master.
    The guys who kidnapped Randy plans to acquire many more young men to transform them in dogs and sell them for about 1 million dollars.

    Stolen by Wade Johnson
    The MC awakes one night hearing walking sounds in his house. He tries to call the police, but has not enough time to complete his call. The thief (or whoever he is) strikes him to force him not to struggle. The thief ties the MC and leaves the house with him when he realizes that the police got the call. The thief (or kidnapper) put the MC in the trunk of his car and drives away. The MC thinks: “This was a real adventure. I feel really, truly, fully alive like I hadn’t in months, maybe in years. It was so intense, and I may not live through it, but what the hell, I was going to enjoy it!”
    The kidnapper brings him to another place and he asks another guy how much he thinks the MC is worth. The other says that he has to see his sexual performance to evaluate his value. The kidnapper begins to fuck the MC, but that's when he discovers that the other guy is a cop. The kidnapper is arrested. But the MC from that day on, let his door unlocked at night.

    Calvin Rose by John Caruso
    Calvin wakes up bound to a metallic bed. He remembers his name, where he lives, what are the names of his family members and where they live, but he doesn’t remember his own job, no more than how he got bound on that bed. Then a guy enters the room and when Calvin says that he needs to pee, the kidnapper gags him and let him pee on himself. Then the kidnapper begins to masturbate himself. After cumming on Calvin, the guy drugs Calvin. When Calvin wakes up again, he is in a sort of sling. Then the other guy gives him something to eat.
    “Would it have been a crime of any kind to forcibly feed a man’s mouth, so long as he didn’t asphyxiate in the process or die from an allergic reaction? Would it be called a rape, or exploitation? There is no statute for that as far as I know.”
    “This is who I am, and there is nothing to escape to. I am Calvin Rose, and I have sex with men.”
    Then come many men, on after the other to rape and fist him while he is bound, hole facing them. Calvin thinks that these men had never fucked another men before.
    “This is as if I know each man’s desire – by his look, by the size and shape of his cock, the order of his appearance [...].”
    Calvin makes dreams that give him back a little of his lost memories. At least, that's what he believes.
    Then Calvin escapes and takes his revenge against his captor.
    “I thought at first that I could just leave here, escape, be free, but I cannot. You’ve not only damaged my body, but my mind as well.”
    Since is raptor seems straight, Calvin thinks: “After all, his worst fear is that my cock will give him pleasure (pain is a mere artifact). And pleasure is what I intend to give him.”
    But in fact, Calvin Rose is named Paul Laplante. Then, his captor, the real Calvin, shows him a video of himself who is saying: “According to my own wished and by my own design, I give my body over to the keeping of Calvin Rose. [...] I have written my instructions out in detail for him and the order and sequence in which they will be acted out.”
    This is him, the captive, who wanted this and he has been captive 9 years.
    Calvin tells him: “You said the only way desire had any meaning for you was if you could experience it every time as if it were your first.” Erase Paul's memory was the main use of the drug Calvin administered to Paul.
    Paul says to Calvin: “You gave up everything too.”
    “We both stare [on the video] at the frozen image of two men united in desire by strangeness and the willingness to forget and abandon everything but the desire itself.”

    All the stories are correctly written. Some are more original than others and better written too. The last one contains reflections on how you can feel raped just by being force fed and other interesting points of view like that. There is just a few mistakes like Auger instead of augur.

    Probably people that are more at ease with dub-con and non-con than me would love this book. That's why I give it 3½ stars rounded up to 4. Slovak Christopher Pierce is a delightful discovery, both as an editor as well as an author. I'm not going to detail any of the stories, that would give too much of each away, just say that they are fun to read, feel like a fresh breath and I can only recommend them. Slovak Very good. Slovak

    Have you ever been kidnapped and held prisoner or fantasized about it? Have you ever kidnapped someone and kept them as a personal hostage or dreamed about it? You're not alone. Christopher Pierce has dragged those taboo fantasies kicking and screaming into the light for your erotic reading pleasure. TAKEN BY FORCE plunges headfirst into this common but unspoken sexual domain, where possessing the man you want becomes worth any risk. Taken by Force