Taken (Alien Enslaved, #5) By Kaitlyn O'Connor


    Cara had only planned to take her co-worker’s Great Dane, Duke, for a quick walk before bed. What occurred next happened so fast she didn’t have time to fully grasp it, or even kiss her butt goodbye! She woke up cold, naked, and staring into the fierce face of a giant, yellow-skinned barbarian on a world not just light years removed from Earth in space, but removed in time, as well.

    When modern day Earth women meet uncivilized barbarians.

    The Hirachi warrior, Niles, didn’t know what hit him, but he knows what he wants—Cara—and what he won’t allow is his second, Kaen, walking off with his prize! Taken (Alien Enslaved, #5)


    Another awesome story. Loving this series. Fingers crossed that the author will revisit it and give us more. Highly recommended! Kaitlyn O'Connor I really love the old Kaitlyn O'Connor. I have no idea why her tone has changed and her stories now are lacking or just repeats of her previous work. I mean literally just repeating word for word other books that she has written. I keep hoping that the next book will be like her earlier work and I keep buying lol. I think I will just wait for them to be on kindle unlimited next time. It is so sad because she was an awesome writer. I love and have bought all her previous books even under her other pen names. I am just so disappointed that this story lacked in so many ways and it had such potential to be a great story in its own right. Kaitlyn O'Connor fantastic

    great series would like to find book 4 so i may read that too . . . . . .
    Kaitlyn O'Connor Not much different from the others but lacking somehow. Ended too abruptly. Kaitlyn O'Connor I didn't enjoy this book as much as the first Alien Enslaved in the series - Genesis. I feel like Kaitlyn has changed her style of writing - her main character is written completely differently and the ending wasn't as satisfying. I recommend Genesis, but not this book :( Kaitlyn O'Connor

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    We get to see our well know yellow merman aliens, they are still so overbearing and protective as always. We get to relive the bad aliens enslaving the man and the women.
    A lot of stuff is glossed over, what happened to the women and children? Did no one even ask themselves?
    Also, a lot of small questions over inconsistencies would pop up in my head all without an answer. One thing that keeps bugging me with this author's style as I have read maybe around 20+ books from her is that her characters never communicate. For example, our MC gets with these 2 aliens, two months later she is 'bred' understand pregnant, she gives birth, the daughter is 18 months old and she still hasn't asked the guys what are their relationship, she wonders if they go service other women??? WTF?
    I am hugely disappointed, expected more with this new release. Kaitlyn O'Connor Very similar to others in this series. Nothing new or fresh. Kaitlyn O'Connor 3.5 - 4 *****

    I thought this book was a good addition to Kaitlyn O'Connor's Enslaved series. Once again the Hirachi and human women are enslaved by the evil Sheloni. The Hirachi mine jasumi from the ocean and the women are there to take care of the Hirachi and breed the next generation of slaves.

    I liked Cara as well as her men. I kept feeling as though I had read some of the scenes before. I think the familiarity was due to the story setting. The Hirachi and humans are living on a beach with little food and protection from the elements. They face the same problems that characters in previous books had to overcome. Kaitlyn O'Connor 3.25🌟 Kaitlyn O'Connor I always enjoyed this series. Each book is a stand alone.

    My only concern and it is not only this book but her writing in general is that she always favor the top 2 of the guys and leave behind the 3rd and/or the 4th. That always makes me cringe because I expect equality romance with ALL the characters, if not, what’s the point?

    Like here, the epilogue ends with ILY with the #1.... but nothing with 2 and #3....

    So it is always bittersweet because she does this on each of her Menages.

    Somehow I was expecting a crossover with the previous books but no.

    But overall, it is always enjoyable. Kaitlyn O'Connor