Suspicion By Judith McWilliams

    This book is the first of the author's in the medieval time. The story is placed in the time during the war of England with Napoleon.
    The main characters of the book : Lucy Danvers who is a heiress in England and has traveled with her parents to France and got trapped there because of the war
    Robert Standon mostly referred as Colonel Standen who serves in the army and is now quitting because of personal reasons
    The story is on the hardships and suspicion of attempt-to-murder of Lucy's younger brother Vernon who is the natural heir. The story does not swallow you in it but it is a good book. A good story but not so interesting too. A good try by the author. It is a pleasure read, for time in peace or for silent reading to give rest to the mind against constant thinking. 0373288158 i must say I have a great deal of patience since I actually finished reading this book. I do not want to sound rude but if the characters were real, i would have liked to slap them all few times. 0373288158 I was going to put it under the just plain dumb shelf, but decided that was too harsh, just mostly dumb would have been a more honest choice. 0373288158

    Suspicion by Judith McWilliams released on Feb 22, 1994 is available now for purchase. Suspicion


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