Stranger at the Party: A Memoir By Helen Lawrenson

    Stranger at the Party: A Memoir


    Helen Lawrenson ¼ 8 Characters

    Long out of print, Lawrenson's memoir is a bit of a swipe at feminism, as she argues that she was a feminist long before it was a social term. She was a magazine editor in New York in the 1930s who hobnobbed w/ the best of New York society and didn't hesitate to cut them down to size. Strong, hilariously funny and very knowledgeable, it is a shame these books are not in the mainstream any more. 0394489004 Published in 1972, this memoir still sparkles and remains a brisk and charming book. Lawrenson knew just about everybody worth knowing, from the rich and famous, to merchant marines, Latin lovers, communists, and capitalists. She captures all of them beautifully. 0394489004