Story That Must Not Be Told By Kavery Nambisan


    Need to reread--rushed this one because my ILL copy from Northeastern Illinois University was overdue. But ample evidence that Nambisan is still my favorite contemporary Indian writer. Too bad she hasn't found an American publisher! 288 it is a continuation of good writing by kavery 288 To Read more :

    The Story That Must Not Be Told ....the title itself urges one to grab the book, i did grab it because of that and once i started i culdn't put it down. The reason was simple a very real story, one can relate to it, characters well defined and flow is smooth.

    It is a story of a slum in Mumbai adjacent to a rich locality. The story revolves around lives of characters and how the two totally different worlds are co-dependent and influence the lives of each other. The pleasantness gets disrupted as always but some who being too rich want the slum removed. It shows a blend of human categories as there are people who support the existence of the same , realizing how their lives were interdependent and thus the conflict drives the story on....

    On the other side the life of people in slum with its own characteristics is portrayed. Read it to get a feel of India that lives in slums. The end is portrayed beautifully with a little flavour of disappointment but at the same time emphasizing a spirit No matter what life goes on. 288 Complex, layered narrative of the material and emotional connections people in an apartment with those who live in a neighbouring slum.

    I found it meandering at the beginning and the selection of certain adjectives quite odd . (I prefer a glossary to weaving contrived attempts at fitting the meanings of non-English words in the prose.) It attempts to challenge stereotypes of slum-dwellers and their perspectives on charity work, but ends up nauseatingly reinforcing them. There are so many people and so things happening in this novel, that would be easy to dismiss as a metaphor for urban chaos, just for how crowded it feels.

    The more I think about it, the more problematic it appears, mainly because it is not clear who the intended audience for this book is. 288 This was a very moving and gripping tale. I won't go through the plot as that's already been covered by other reviewers. What makes a good read a great one is that ultimate ability of the writer to draw the reader into the protagonist's mind. Kavery does that with consummate skill.

    We can all relate to Simon’s condition: the burning desire to alleviate the lot of the desperately poor. With her sympathetic telling of this poignant Story, with its well-crafted characters, Kavery connects us to Simon’s ultimate impotence and makes us face our own. 288

    A strong literary fiction title, critically much acclaimed and shortlisted for two major prizes, now available in paperback! Simon Jesukumar, an ageing widower in Chennai, passionately aspires to do something worthwhile with what remains of his life. Dominated by his wife during their otherwise happy married life, he struggles to break free from the haunting memories of the iron hand with which she led him. His aspirations are stirred by his nagging guilt about the slum, optimistically called Sitara, next door. As the story plunges into the heart of the slum, it brings together the most unlikely characters. Simon begins to understand why good intentions and small acts of mercy are no answer to the problems of a section of humanity he never knew. Simons dilemma is ours: How can, or how should, the well-off help the Pub: September 2012 poor? Coming from one of the finest chroniclers of modern Indian life, The Story That Must Not be Told holds up a mirror to a moving, unseen, and deeply unsettling reality. About the AuthorKavery Nambisan is from Coorg district of Karnataka. She graduated from St Johns Medical College, Bangalore, and did her surgical training and FRCS in England. Since then she has devoted most of her working life to practice in rural India and has worked as a surgeon in Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. She is the author of several childrens books and novels. Her latest novel, The Story That Must Not Be Told, was shortlisted for the Man Asian Literary Prize 2008 and The DSC Prize for South Asian Literature 2012. Story That Must Not Be Told

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