Steel Thunder By Dominic N. Ashen


    I read it in all one day. It was recommended to me and I got hooked by chapter 1. Feels very dungeons and dragons. Probably why I got a huge kick out of it. Totally fun read and I'm REALLY hoping there will be a part 2. And then maybe 3 and so on. Kindle This one really grabbed my attention! Awesome mix of fantasy, role play, and eroticism. Can't wait for the next title! Kindle This is a great book with a great story. Following the protagonist, David, into an unknown foreign land is thrilling, exciting, and often very steamy. The story is a fantastically written adventure with twist and turns with every page. I highly recommend taking some time and really diving into this book! Kindle It’s no secret, I’m a spanking maniac. When I heard there was discipline spanking in this book, I was all in. But I did NOT expect it to be so damn funny. Our friend David is a brat. The way this is written, and the things David gets up to in his mind—no matter who you are, you will laugh.

    I was surprised at every turn in this book. The world building is top notch. You’re pulled into the land of Orcs with seamless prose and feel like you were there all along, which is some seriously advanced storytelling.

    Captain Khazak Ironstorm—I admit it, I’m in love with an Orc. He’s sweet. He’s dominant. And he has a soft spot for his brat. All of my favorites. He’s handsome of course. And smart. And intelligent. I am just all about him. *heart eyes*

    I loved that we got to meet Khazak’s family and truly, this plus David and Khazak’s budding relationship (even if it got off to a rough start) left me with a warmed heart and a soft smile, between all the hysterical laughing. I was laughing at David about every second page. I love his antics so much.

    There are plenty of steamy scenes and yes my friends, the discipline spanking delivered. I CANNOT wait for the second book. I’m here waiting for it!

    Some Fave Lines (ones that I hope won’t spoil):

    “I guess I have a sugar orc now.” (When Khazak buys David some items. I died.)

    “What has been your plan for any of your escape attempts?” (Khazak casually calling David out on his poor planning, LOL)

    He narrows his eyes. “You need discipline.” (The best line in any book, IMO) Kindle The seduction of the main character David was masterfully executed. I was hooked after the first chapter. The story beautifully supported a very realistic sequence of events. I am anxious and hungry to read the next book in this series. Kindle

    A fantastical spin on classic romance meets tabletop storytelling meets fantasy erotica!

    When David went exploring with his friends, he figured they might come across some old ruins or maybe even fight a few monsters. He never expected that he'd wind up captured by an orc and turned into his pet; he expected even less that he'd actually like it. It all started when he was sitting in a jail cell, so desperate to escape that he agreed to trial by combat: The Ritual of Steel Thunder. He opens the fight strong, but when his competitor manages to overpower him, things start to heat up and he realizes he may have signed on for than he bargained for.

    Captain Khazak Ironstorm is the orc ranger responsible for David's arrest and after defeating him in combat, his new owner. Initially amused by his slave's antics, something deeper begins to grow between them something dark that draws Khazak in as much as it troubles him. More confounding than that are the feats of agility and speed his new pet seems able to perform as if they were nothing. What he does know is that if there is anyone capable of taming this barbaric human's behavior, it's him.

    A tale of romance mixed with some humor, adventure, and a heaping helping of kink. Read all about the journey of David and Khazak as they learn to understand each other and uncover the mysteries of the magical world around them. Readers who love kink, BDSM, Dom/sub, and other elements of gay/male on male romance will love what this story has to offer. Steel Thunder

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    I enjoyed this so much! It was fun and sexy and full of adventure. David just made me laugh through the whole thing. His inner dialogue was so entertaining and I loved how the relationship between him and Khazak evolved. I want so much of this!! Kindle An entertaining roller coaster of hope, fear, suspense, humor and really well written, hot, steamy man sex! The world building described in this story is excellent. The development of the relationship between David and the Captain, from their violent 1st encounter and throughout the rest of the novel, is lovingly and skillfully woven by this promising new author. Looking forward to the 2nd book. Kindle This was a good MM fantasy. It was set way in the future, like 4021, but things have rolled backwards and there is now magic instead of modern inventions. Some cities still use out houses while the city the orcs live in have hot running water and toilets. David, who is human, ends up a slave to the Captain of the Rangers in the Orc city through a challenge. Things end up getting hot and heavy and there are some pretty steamy scenes. The book ends with a crime not being solved so I look forward to book 2, hopefully being out soon. Kindle I had heard good things about this book and I wasn’t disappointed. We definitely don’t get a resolution to all of the issues brought up in this book, so expect this to be first in a continuing series. Kindle As a straight man, I thoroughly enjoyed this masterpiece! The story is deep and rich. There is action, romance, intrigue, mystery, and of course, passion. The tale is enthralling from start to finish. The erotic moments are interwocen beautifully into the storyline and not forced. They are crucial to the tale and the development of the characters. You will laugh, you will gasp, and you will definitely FEEL. I am greatly looking forward to the next book! Kindle