Spirit Warrior By G. Clifton Wisler

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    Book by Wisler, G. Clifton Spirit Warrior

    I happened to read two Westerns this last week, very different from each other (in length, quality, and subject matter). The first was Spirit Warrior, by the Spur Award-Winning author G. Clifton Wisler. Not bad, although some may tire of the continual references to the spirits and praying to the spirits. The front cover of the mass market paperback (Zebra Books, 1986) has an interesting tag line that places the book (copyright 1986) in the pre-PC days of the 80s: He was the tribe's greatest warrior—except he was white! I have to say that Wisler chose a great name for his protagonist—Metaha.

    By coincidence, I happened the same week to catch just a few minutes of a 1962 movie—Geronimo, starring the very white Chuck Connors, yes, the man better known as The Rifleman, one of the Westerns I enjoyed as a kid because Lucas McCain (Connors) was such a loving dad to his son. The Wikipedia entry on Chuck Connors notes that The Rifleman was the first show ever to feature a widowed father raising a young child. That series in black-and-white lasted for five years (from 1958-63). I loved the way Connors handled his customized Winchester rifle. None better!

    The other title I read a few days later was by Louis L'Amour—The Lonesome Gods. More on it in a separate entry.