Souvenir By Mary O. Paddock

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    Souvenir is a collection of poems, vignettes, and short stories about women facing common problems and challenges in uncommon settings: a young single mother who finds comfort in the silent presence of stranger at a bus stop; an elderly woman who seeks an unusual solution when she discovers she is surrounded by people who are sleepwalking through their lives, a witch fleeing a bad marriage to a violent man, and many more. Souvenir

    I had no use for traditional publishing until I read Souvenir by Mary Paddock. Now I want the publishing industry to do the only thing it can do that matters - let Mary Paddock do nothing but write books. Some monolithic New York publisher can send a truck to her house, pick up her manuscripts, run them through a machine, and distribute them across the world so that everyone can read them.

    Mary Paddock writes as well or better than the writers she admires. The beauty of the language she uses is without compare, but it is the heart-breaking, thought-provoking substance of what she writes that makes her books, especially this one, suitable for teaching in colleges. This book has everything - lyrical poetry, priests biting the heads off bats, and the terrible wisdom of old women. Paddock should be sitting in a chair across from Oprah while they talk about this book. She should be standing in crowded lecture halls, reading from these pages.

    As I have never before, I wish for a corporation to come down and edit and publish and promote her books so that she can devote the entire sum of her time to writing like this. It is what the world needs more of. Souvenir