Sons of Anarchy The Official Collectors Edition : Tara Bennett By Tara Bennett

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    I used this product to read because its based on the tv series it gives u everything from season 1 7 thats how good this book is Tara Bennett This book is fantastic, it is so in depth and explains a lot that maybe isn't so apparent from watching the show. However, I must warn you not to read this book until you've seen the whole 7 seasons. It contains a lot of spoilers and will ruin your enjoyment of the show if you haven't seen how it ends yet. Tara Bennett This is a large book, well worth the money, if you're a fan of SOA you're going to love this, there's plenty of great photos from the show, background info on the characters, bikes and tattoos, Kurt Sutter let's you in on why the show took the direction it did, there's interviews with the actors, all in all I love it, and I'm sure you as a fan of the show will as well. Ride safe Tara Bennett I expected a fairly big book but this book is massive and packed full of information :) Any true fan of the show needs this,Especially for the price.It looks incredible and is well presented and for the price it's a steal. Delivery super quick Tara Bennett Didn't know this book actually existed, until I saw it online. Had to buy straight away, and definitely wasn't disappointed. Great read a lot of facts that I didn't know, and loads of photos included! Highly recommended!! 😊 Tara Bennett

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