Snap of the Super-Goop: #10 By Troy Cummings

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    Rip and Nikki think Alexander is going crazy when he keeps seeing monsters they've already defeated, but he has to convince his friends there might be a new monster if he wants to protect the town and notebook. Aligned to Common Core Standards and correlated to state standards. Spotlight is a division of ABDO. Snap of the Super-Goop: #10

    Ben is a big fan of this series, and I think they're the perfect length and complexity for an early-elementary aged kid to listen to (still too hard for Ben to read in 1st grade). There are monsters and some moments of light scariness, but nothing too intense. There's a predictable format, but there's more flexibility than in series like Magic Tree House, where literal sentences repeat from book to book. We can read a few chapters a night, and there are ample illustrations to break up the text. Troy Cummings The SSMP is considering a new member while Alexander is sure he's seeing all these past monsters they've already defeated. No one else has seen anything and Alexander's not sure what is going on. The group also is trying to figure out who might be working for the big boss who is after their notebook. Meanwhile, their teacher is being extra mean to Nikki for some reason while she seems to love Rip.

    Things are getting pretty tense in this book. This boss after the kids seems to mean business and thus this is probably the most serious of these books so far. It still shouldn't give kids nightmares, but it may keep them awake wondering what's going to happen in the next book. Sadly, I don't have the next book available and also didn't have #9 so I missed the introduction of Dottie, the newest member of the SSMP. This one will definitely help keep reluctant readers tearing through pages.

    Notes on content: The monster in this can imitate anyone and anything and plays with the kids' minds a little. Violence is threatened, but no one is hurt except the monster who is just dried out. Troy Cummings {My thoughts} – Alexander keeps thinking that he is seeing many of the monsters he and his friends have already defeated. He isn’t really sure what to make of it other then, they don’t believe him and he is starting to feel like he is losing his mind. He comes to the conclusion that maybe they aren’t or haven’t really been there all along.

    One day he hangs back in the class to talk to his teacher. He opens up to her and tells her about their monster hunting club. Nikki saves him from making a huge mistake, however in the end the teacher still manages to get a look at the Notebook that they use to record all the monsters that are in Stermont. It isn’t a good situation but it is the one that they are left with all things considering.

    Alexander feels pretty foolish over everything that happened, but he has his three best friends and they help him to move forward. They just don’t have much choice but to create a whole new Notebook.

    I look forward to reading more books in this series very soon! Troy Cummings If you need books for your lower elementary students that they will hook them like the Magic Tree House and Captain Underpants series', check this series out. Actually all the Branches collections by Scholastic are wonderful and loved by my students. I have not had one that they don't find interesting. The reading level is perfect for new readers, though the Branches books have younger versions that are like the Fly Guy series now, this series Notebook of Doom is right around early 2nd grade reading level. Certainly a high consideration for elementary collections. Troy Cummings My son absolutely loves this series. I think it's just ok. I will admit that it's fun and moves quick, but I wish there was a bit more substance to it and it wasn't so, well, weird. As long as my son is excited about reading, I am happy, but this isn't my favorite of the Branches/Scholastic series for young elementary students. Troy Cummings

    The Empire Strikes Back of this series Troy Cummings This series is so awesome. I feel like this has been the best book so far! Sad it will be coming to an end soon. It captures the imagination of young children so vividly and the author is doing a great job fleshing out the monster world. Troy Cummings Dexter (8yo) read. Troy Cummings My second grader had been reading this series, pretty fun books. Troy Cummings Cute little set of books I've been reading with my youngest. Troy Cummings