Shelter in the Tropics By Cara Lockwood

    She's got nowhere left to run

    After a year of searching, ex-marine turned private eye Tack Reeves has finally located Cate Allen. She's traded in her high heels for flip-flops but Tack would recognize the stunning beauty anywhere. He just needs proof. Posing as a tourist at her Caribbean resort is the perfect cover. Except that the closer Tack gets to Cate, the less his case makes sense...and their intense attraction is only fueling the confusion. When he learns that the mom and her four-year-old son are hiding from her abusive ex, he vows to protect them. But Cate may not let him when she learns why he's on the island... Shelter in the Tropics

    Cate Allen has run from an abusive husband and is hiding out on a Caribbean island with friends. When Tack Reeves shows up, she is shocked when she discovers that he's been looking for her, having been hired by her husband to find her and bring her and their 4 year-old son home.

    When Tack finds out Cate had reason to run, he realizes he's on the wrong side of what's right in staying employed by her husband, but the money he would have earned was to bring his Afghani translator (from his time with the Marines and their deployment there) to the US. Now what's he to do?

    If he fails to bring Cate back to her husband, he loses the money to save Adeeb. But if he brings her back, will she trust that he really loves her? While the ending is weaker than I anticipated, the rest of the story is interesting. 9781488017087 So sad that there are women who have to endure abuse from someone who is supposed to love them. Very good read. 9781488017087


    Cara Lockwood ☆ 6 Read & Download