Seaside Dream By Janet Costa Bates

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    I know it had gorgeous illustrations and a loving familial bond and a great backstory but all the enthusiasm that I can muster up for this is *meh*. 1600603475 A nice story about a girl and her close relationship with her imigrant grandmother. The author throws in a nice note about the history of the Cape Verde Islands at the end. 1600603475 This book is the Winner of Lee & Low's New Voices Award Honor, Seaside Dream celebrates a treasured relationship between child and grandparent.
    I dearly loved this story. Great illustrations. 1600603475 A sweet story of a little girl who finds just the right present for her grandmother's birthday. 1600603475 Lovely story about about a grandmother homesick Cape Verde many years ago and a granddaughter that helps her reconnect with a special gift. 1600603475


    This book is about a family that gathers for the grandmother's 70th birthday. The family is from Cape Verde, and the grandmother misses her sister who stayed there when she left. This book is very sweet, good for a booklist. 1600603475 This book was just a little too long for me, but it was a sweet story about a little girl who is trying to find just the right present for her grandmother. i love stories about the ocean, but overall not the best one out there.

    1600603475 Thanks for the recommendation, Lisa. This does look like something I'd enjoy! 1600603475 A sweet story about Cora and her grandmother, who is celebrating her 70th birthday. Cora's grandmother longs to see her sister, who is back home in Cape Verde. Cora wants to give a granmother a special gift, one that will help her reconnect with her home. 1600603475 Sweet children's picture book about a girl named Cora and her grandmother, an immigrant from the Cape Verde Islands. Features a Cape Verdean/American family gathering at the seaside. 1600603475

    As family and friends arrive from near and far for Grandma's seventieth birthday, Cora is surrounded by excited shouts and laughter and the smells of favorite Cape Verdean dishes cooking. Everyone's getting ready for the big beach party tomorrow, but Cora still doesn't know what to give Grandma as a present. It has to be something special.

    Grandma is overjoyed to see so many of the people she loves, but Cora knows she still misses family in Cape Verde whom she hasn't seen in decades. Could Cora convince her to make the trip overseas for a visit? After a nighttime walk on the beach with Grandma, Cora has a dream that gives her an idea for the perfect birthday gift.

    In her picture book debut, Janet Costa Bates invites readers into to a celebration of the strength of family bonds that transcend age and distance. A lush coastal setting and the anticipation that comes with festive preparations form the backdrop for this touching story that warmly depicts the treasured relationship between a child and a beloved grandparent.

    Seaside Dream