Seaforth World Naval Review 2019 By Conrad Waters

    Conrad Waters Ö 4 Summary

    Now celebrating its tenth edition, World Naval Review provides an affordable yet authoritative summary of global naval developments over the past 12 months. Regional surveys of fleet evolution and procurement by editor Conrad Waters are supplemented by in-depth articles from a range of subject experts focusing on significant new warships, technological advances, and specific navies. Features in this edition include extended reviews of the new aircraft carriers USS Gerald R. Ford and HMS Queen Elizabeth, the largest ships ever to serve in their respective fleets. Technological subjects include assessments of naval communications by Norman Friedman and autonomous systems by Richard Scott, while David Hobbs' usual review of naval aviation is expanded to include a broader analysis of key trends over the last decade. Seaforth World Naval Review 2019

    This is the first time I have purchased one of Seaforth's WNR. I have to own up to the fact that I am a great fan of this Publisher, as I have many of their books.
    I wanted this book as it had articles on the largest vessels to enter service with the USN and RN, namely the USS Gerald R Ford, (CVN-78), and HMS Queen Elizabeth, (R08). The production values and standard of presentation is first class. So is the authorship. The standards are simply top class; pin sharp photos, great cutaways and drawings, all on high grade glossy paper.
    I must confess that I have not read all of the book. I still have pages 56 to 107 to read. This was due to interruptions caused by my holiday to Malta, (where I purchased more books from the Aviation Museum), and reading books on the Town Class Destroyers by John Henshaw, and from the local library, Richard Overy's The Bombing War - Europe 1939-1945. (This took some time as it is 850 dense pages long!). I, therefore, have the happy knowledge that I will have some great articles to read in the near future. Seaforth World Naval Review 2019