Rubber Pup Practice: The Full Bundle: Three Hot M/M Stories of Fantasy Rubber Transformations! By Douglas Benjamin

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    This is the full collection of all three Rubber Pup Practice stories!

    In book 1:
    As a birthday gift, Alex buys his boyfriend Josh a one-hour session with a TF Master who can make Josh's dreams of transformation come true. But when Alex shows up at the end of the session to pick up Josh, he's greeted at the door by a muscular black latex dog-man. Alex's mind grows foggy and confused, and he doesn't even notice that he's starting to transform. Soon, Alex and Josh are introducing their friend Skip to erotic rubber pup transformations, making their friend's muscles swell and his personality ever more dominant. Before long, Skip is commanded to turn even more men into latex rubber pups.

    In book 2:
    David's been captured and transformed into a rubber pup -- and to his surprise, he likes it. A transformation spell has turned him into obedient property, owned and cared for by a bartender named Scott. But one day, Scott is captured by a cruel bodybuilder, and David is left on his own. Now he must find his handler and save him. Various sexual encounters stand in his way, however, and transformation spells beyond anything he imagined. David soon experiences shrinking, paw pads, chastity, and more as he meets more naked horny pups on his search.

    In book 3:
    Felix and his boyfriend Andrew have just discovered a world of erotic rubber transformation. Andrew, usually a commanding and dominant lawyers, becomes a submissive pup as soon as he starts playing with a rubber pup tail. Felix is surprised to find that he's growing more and more assertive as Andrew goes down on all fours. Next, a magic pen gives Felix the power to change anyone just by drawing them transforming. He turns his boyfriend into a rubber pup, along with several bystanders. But their squeaking bodies, rubbery scent, and barking voices attracts the attention of someone with sinister plans. Can they escape the sexual trap that's been set for them?

    This is a 40,000 word adults-only anthology featuring erotic transformation, men turning into horny rubber pets, hypnosis, nudity, group sex, public exposure and humiliation, and lots of sexy pup play.

    Individuals pictured are models and are used for illustrative purposes only. Rubber Pup Practice: The Full Bundle: Three Hot M/M Stories of Fantasy Rubber Transformations!