Red Rabbit (Jack Ryan, #2) By Tom Clancy



    I was a bit surprised to see the average Goodreads rating at four stars for this magnificent novel. Perhaps it was a bit weighty for some, and at 340,000 words is even epic by my own long-winded standards as an author. But if you commit to Clancy, you gotta stick with him all the way. And let me tell ya, he don't let you down with Red Rabbit. Tying this novel into the actual assassination attempt on Pope Karol Wojtyla, John Paul II, was such an excellent insertion of a novella into reality that I've used it myself a few times! Who knew Jack Ryan almost prevented the hit? Not me! Really though, the whole development of the defection by conscience--as opposed to money--was well played by Clancy, and very believable. Will we ever get tired of Cold War KGB-MI6-CIA war stories? Not me, because as long as Putin's the President of Russia, the KGB of old lives on--as do the Oprichniki. I think that if you've got the perseverance to wade through it, you will really, really appreciate the storyline writing genius that Tom Clancy was. Plus it fills in another section of the Jack Ryan chronology. In this one he's stationed in London, actually working at Century House, the old MI6 HQ as a shared analyst. So my advice is to jump on and enjoy the ride!


    Operation Beatrix via Mincemeat. Jack Ryan finds himself posted to London, but works at Century House, MI6 HQ, as a shared analyst. Ed and Mary Pat Foley are assigned to Moscow, where he is the Chief of Station. Early on in his tenure, Ed is stealthily tagged on the Moscow subway by an apparent KGB Communications Center officer who wants to defect. After he and Mary Pat pass Oleg Zaitzev with due diligence they contact Langley to advise they've got a hot rabbit and want immediate extraction for he and his family. Oleg is a Major who handles all cypher traffic during his shift, and is one day struck with a confliction of conscience when a letter written by the new Polish Pope to the people of Poland stirs high level anxiety among the Politburo. The Presidium is stoked by KGB Director Yuri Andropov into believing the Pope's encouragement of common Poles will trigger a revolutionary reaction and must be stopped at all costs. Oleg is first alerted to this via Andropov's message to the Rome Rezident inquiring about the Pope's vulnerability. The Rome Rezident quickly replies that the situation is far too delicate for the Rome rezidentura to be involved, with the clear implication that if the KGB is in anyway implicated, the repercussions in Eastern Bloc countries could be extreme. Torn to pieces, Oleg makes the move to contact the man who is obviously American on the subway, and is torn by his desire to protect the Pope versus treason. Langley quickly agrees to the snatch, but the CIA Budapest CoS is badly burned and tagged PNG. Langley goes to MI6 on bended knee to seek assistance, dangling the carrot that the rabbit knows of spies within Whitehall and can help them clean up. MI6 and the PM jump at the chance, but between Bas Charleston and Ed Foley they come up with a repeat of Operation Mincemeat, where the defectors are presumed dead instead of gone. Operation Beatrix is set in play as dead bodies matching the physical characteristics of Oleg, Irina and Svetlana are collected from house fires in England and Boston and shipped in dry ice in diplomatic boxes to Budapest. With everything set up, Ryan is dispatched to Budapest to escort the rabbits across the border via smuggling arranged by MI6 in Budapest. Oleg the loyal cypher officer is granted long overdue vacation to Budapest where his wife can admire the opera, and the family gets on a train to oblivion. Ryan and the MI6 chaps carefully play them in Budapest, where Oleg gives Irina two hours notice before the snatch begins. After Jack escorts them from the hotel, the MI6 officers carry the three prepared scorched bodies up to the hotel room and carefully set it ablaze. By the time the KGB discovers one of their own has died in Budapest, Ryan and the rabbits are on a plane out of Zagreb, Yugoslavia, to Manchester, UK, where the debriefing begins. It quickly becomes apparent that Oleg is pure gold as a defector, but the seeming impatience of Andropov to take the Pope out is overriding and MI6 finally agrees to cover the upcoming Wednesday People's Audience the Pope always conducts from the Pope Mobile. Ryan heads to Rome to assist the MI6 officers, who know that Bulgarian AVH killer COL Boris Strokov has assumed responsibility for the hit. With pictures galore and an elevated spotter, the MI6 posse spots Strokov in the crowd and Ryan gets the jump on him, sticks a pistol in his back and disarms him just as shots ring out and the Pope is hit. Jack and Tom Sharp grab Strokov and take him to the UK Embassy basement. After Strokov figures out the jig is up and MI6 knows the entire conspiracy, he sings like the bird before succumbing to the sux. Ryan jumps on the next BA bird out, is rerouted to Mildenhall where he escorts the rabbits to DC and straight to Langley, where he is once again the Golden Boy.

    Literature Fiction, Mystery Thrillers Have you run out of Bill O'Reilly books to read? Are you nostalgic for the Cold War? Well then, we here at Drunk Uncle Publishing have got just the book for you!

    We understand that today's world is complex, and frightening. Sometimes you pine for the simple comfort of having a single, monolithic enemy like the Soviet Union. When it comes to the books you read, you'd prefer not to have your world-view challenged in any way. We get it! Nothing ruins the reading experience like having to think.

    Do you find yourself watching the same movies over and over again? Nothing wrong with that, chief! The fewer surprises in life, the better. Repetition is a virtue. If you agree, and we know that you do, pick up Red Rabbit today. It's Tom Clancy's masterpiece of telling you, rather than showing you, what you already know.

    The hero, Jack Ryan, is stationed in England. Through the experiences of his wife, a brilliant eye surgeon, you'll have your notion of socialized medicine as an unmitigated nightmare thoroughly reinforced. A KGB plot to kill the pope causes one of their communications officers to defect, which pleasantly rehashes a plot element of The Hunt for Red October, only with all the unduly alarming suspense removed.

    The Catholic Church was not a perfect institution-- nothing with mere people in it was or ever could be. But it was founded on faith in Almighty God, and its policies rarely, if ever, strayed from love and charity.

    Nailed it! We here at DUP believe a good book should be like a bag of potato chips. Familiar, fatty, and nutrition-free. Do your brain a favor-- let it rest. Pick up your copy of Red Rabbit today.

    And burn it. Literature Fiction, Mystery Thrillers This Jack Ryan novel is a real oddity.
    Set early in the characters timeline, this was one of the last written by Clancy.

    Set soon after the events of Patriot Games, the Ryan's try to adapt to life in London.
    Having read both this year it was apparent with how Clancy's style had changed, it didn't quite have to same punch as his earlier works.
    One aspect I like was the incorporation of the real life assassination attempt on Pope John Paul II into the story, again the reader is firmly placed in 1981.

    The main problem with this novel was how over written it was, trying to read this as and when I can ment there was a few occasions where I was like 'Didn't I read these pages in this morning?'
    What was weird about this novel that whilst the story took an age to get going, it didnt feel like a slog.

    My favourite aspects were definitely the American Ryan's trying to get accustomed to British culture, especially Cathy who was shocked to see fellow surgeons having a pint at lunch time.
    The 1980's really were a different time!
    Literature Fiction, Mystery Thrillers
    Five spy-citing stars! This is Cold War miniseries gold. Of all the Ryan books, this is the one I remembered the most. Literature Fiction, Mystery Thrillers More Dead than Red. It's as if Tom was on sedatives while writing the book. It's hard to exagerate just how dull and repetitive this work really is, but it's a bit like the being hit in the head over and over with a small wooden shovel. It leaves a dull impression on your mind. Literature Fiction, Mystery Thrillers

    This 900+ tome is typical of Clancy really and one of the reason that I didn't read this sooner despite hubby's love for these novels. Funnily enough, even as I paced myself with a chapter per day, I actually quite enjoyed this novel. It was actually quite easy to get into and while I first was lost with who's who, it wasn't long before I got used to it and the story flows quite smoothly.

    This novel took place some months after the last novel, Patriot Games, and Jack Ryan bit the bullet and now worked for the CIA. Only as an analyst, mind you. Just a desk job and no more. As per previous though, events preceded him and he finds himself dragged onto the field. Only as an observer, mind you. Just watching and no more. In the end, though, he did find himself with a gun in his hand and while there's no action like the last book, he still managed to score himself some commendations.

    Being a multiple POVs, we see many other characters in different locations/countries. There was a pair of spooks that I quite liked and hope to see again; I don't think I will but who knows. The one thing I found really funny is Jack's views on coffee. He raves about American coffee, specifically Starbucks. As he relocated to England, he was not impressed with the lack of good coffee. And when he was in Rome, he complained about Italian coffee. Well, mate, let me tell you that for us, Aussies, Starbucks is only for when you are desperate & it being the only option available... ;p Literature Fiction, Mystery Thrillers Finally finished.
    It took me so long to get through this book. Partly because I just didn't want to go on. The story was lame, really, the ending or lets call it show down then was so fast over and so unspectacular that it's not even worth mentioning, the characters brought up no suprise - just chliches.

    Jack Ryan is already know throught the books before and I started disliking the way Tom Clancy stereotyped his characters already in the other books, but here it really annoyed me. The way it is talked about women couldn't be any more stupid, sure this was written in a diferrent time, but come on...! Do you really have to emphasize repeatedly that Cathy Ryan (the successful doctor) gets angry at her man if he would cook once because the kitchen is her sanctuary and so he doesn't even make himself a sandwich when she's not there?!
    Also some things are always repeated, like yes we know Jack used to trade stocks, it doesn't have anything to do with the story, so please don't mention it 10 times, nobody cares.

    I'm sorry, this review is not dispassionate, not at all. Literature Fiction, Mystery Thrillers Many panned this book, but I really enjoyed it – almost as much as Patriot Games. Due to his background in the military, finance, academia and espionage, Jack Ryan's perspective is always interesting. Actually, the author could remind us of these various parts of his main character a little less, and his CONSTANT mentions of Ryan's promise gets somewhat repetitive. Also repetitive is his overuse of dramatic irony. The story is set in Cal Ripken's rookie year, and he must mention at least five times through his characters that Ripken has promised. Literature Fiction, Mystery Thrillers Excellent procedural novel on espionage. It is so believably written!
    Characters and their lives fleshed out well. No over the top gimmicks here. Simple stunt is complex enough.
    It is not your fast food kind of book more like a barbeque on slow grill.
    Very delicious. Nice way to start the year with the bunny zaichik

    p.s - a bit too much hatred towards the soviet union maybe? Literature Fiction, Mystery Thrillers Not really a mystery and definitely not an action-packed thriller. Around the end of 400 pages a few things finally begin to happen. There is no real ACTION until 518. Lots of things are repeated 3 and 4 times. Jack Ryan has been involved in previous adventures. One of those adventures involved a helicopter. He does not like flying. Eye surgery, which his wife does, turns his stomach. His wife is a better judge of character and unspoken meaning. Jack thinks his father-in-law is a greedy, soulless, money-grubber. This repetition feels like dead weight padding or lack of a good editor. The author has definite ideas on history and politics and interjects those in a thoughtful manner. There is a very superficial treatment of the current and historical situation of Russia and it is made obvious that the sitting U.S. President is Reagan. This is my first Tom Clancy, purchased second hand when we ran out of books on vacation. I will not go out of my way to read any more. Literature Fiction, Mystery Thrillers

    Tom Clancy  8 FREE READ

    Long before he was President or head of the CIA, before he fought terrorist attacks on the Super Bowl or the White House, even before a submarine named Red October made its perilous way across the Atlantic, Jack Ryan was an historian, teacher, and recent ex-Marine temporarily living in England while researching a book. A series of deadly encounters with an IRA splinter group had brought him to the attention of the CIA's Deputy Director, Vice Admiral James Greeras well as his counterpart with the British SIS, Sir Basil Charlestonand when Greer asked him if he wanted to come aboard as a freelance analyst, Jack was quick to accept. The opportunity was irresistible, and he was sure he could fit it in with the rest of his work.

    And then Jack forgot all about the rest of his work, because one of his first assignments was to help debrief a high-level Soviet defector, and the defector told an amazing tale: Top Soviet officials, including Yuri Andropov, were planning to assassinate the Pope, John Paul II.

    Could it be true? As the days and weeks go by, Ryan must battle, first to try to confirm the plot, and then to prevent it, but this is a brave new world, and nothing he has done up to now has prepared him for the lethal game of cat-and-mouse that is the Soviet Union versus the United States. In the end, it will be not just the Pope's life but the stability of the Western world that is at stake. . . and it may already be too late for a novice CIA analyst to do anything about it.

    Red Rabbit (Jack Ryan, #2)