Reapers (Reapers, #1) By Bryan Davis

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    Reapers, the first book in The Reapers Trilogy, is a dystopian tale with a supernatural twist. Taking place in a futuristic, urban setting, this first book in a planned trilogy will appeal to readers of The Hunger Games and similar fast-paced stories for young adults.
    Along with a blend of real life and imagination, it delivers action, danger, and suspense through the adventures of three teenagers: Phoenix, Singapore, and Shanghai, Reapers who collect the souls of the dying or already dead and transport them to the Gateway where they will travel to their final destination ... or so they are told. Reapers (Reapers, #1)

    Reapers is dark, seductive, and exhilarating! Davis delivers thrills, chills, and a thought provoking world surrounding death. Brace yourself for a fast-paced story full of danger, emotion, and surprising twists!

    This one was intensely powerful and I loved every minute of it! It touched on facets of life, love and loss, and sparked deep seated thoughts and emotions regarding death and the beyond. It was a beautifully heartbreaking story surrounding the age-old question of “what happens when we die?”
    So, what came to mind when reading the title Reapers? I bet you thought of black hoods, scythes, death, lack of emotion, and/or skeletal figures. Bryan Davis definitely included the hoods and death, but he also created an emotional story with dynamic (human) characters and a sense of hope for humanity.

    It was engaging, refreshing, and unique. I loved the premise of the plot involving the reaping of souls in an urban dystopian setting, and I felt the immense sentimentality of fearing death and hoping for a pleasant afterlife. I was in awe of the world Davis created and the personalities he developed for the Reapers whom you would assume would be jaded from dealing with death so often.

    Phoenix was such an endearing character! He was strong, brave, and moral. He also had a vulnerable side which drove his choices and motivated him to go on in a hopeless world.
    Singapore was mysterious and intriguing. She added a little humor to the story and a touch of passion. I loved her role in the story and the way she changed Phoenix and Shanghai.
    Shanghai was so interesting to read. She just flew off the page with intensity and spunk. She was strong and fierce with a touch of vulnerability.

    What a page turner this was! I enjoyed the action and the inclusion of the ghosts and the soul reaping. I consistently found myself deep in thought about spirits, souls, death, and the afterlife. The plot was fascinating and full of surprises, and I fell in love with the intensity and emotion behind it! I decided about halfway through that I am in need of books 2 and 3, now!
    Reapers (Reapers, #1) Reapers. The word conjures images of hoods, scythes, and shadows. Death, ghosts, and the veil between here and eternity.

    This book delivered on pretty much all of the above, minus the scythes. We've got an urban setting, wandering souls, dark alleyways, grit, ethical dilemmas, futuristic tech, and the big dystopian staple: untrustworthy power figures.

    Reapers started out super interesting! We get an engaging first look into Phoenix's everyday world--a mostly solitary life of watching over his Chicago district, collecting souls, and smuggling medicine to the sick and dying in his neighborhood.

    But after the first bit, it felt like the story slowed down. We spend four or five chapters following Phoenix, Singapore, and two other Reapers all the way to a Gateway depot and back. Which isn't all bad, because although it was thoroughly detailed, it was necessary detail. Without getting the process of reaping clear in my mind, I think I would've floundered later on in the story. But because everything was meticulously laid out right away, big explanations weren't needed later. So really, I have just a small quibble with that pacing issue.

    Once I hit the midway point, the pace really picked up! Big plans, sneaking around, action, danger--yes! I positively sped through the second half of the book. The stakes keep rising, trust issues between characters get shakier, and the tension just all-around builds.

    And can we just talk about the concept of reaping for a minute? Because it's a really sad job to have. I wouldn't want to be the one called to every deathbed, the one to sweet-talk confused and wandering ghosts into trusting me, the one to carry the burden of all these souls to the Gateway. Some of these Reapers are pretty epic heroes for doing all that!

    Going into this book, I was interested to see how a Christian author would deal with the element of Grim Reapers and the afterlife. Bryan Davis handled it really well! Reapers lands in mainstream territory, so God isn't talked about, but everything was written tastefully. One question this book asks is, What if souls didn't go to their eternal destination immediately, but had to be delivered there? That's the role of the Reapers, but as the plot unfolds, we get the sense that this Gateway the souls go through is not what it seems. That perhaps the public is being fed lies, and perhaps the Gatekeeper is not as virtuous as he makes himself out to be. So now I'm even more curious to see where the next two books take that idea!

    In the meantime, this book offers solid themes on the value of human life, defending the defenseless, trust, honesty, and the kind of teamwork I've come to expect from a cast of Bryan Davis characters. Again, I sense that this novel is setting things up for fantastic character arcs in the rest of the trilogy! And unlike many dystopians, this narrative had a thread of hope woven throughout.

    In conclusion, Reapers is a shadowy tale uncovering the dark underbelly of a once-trusted institution. It's a tale of risk, a tale of taking a stand when all around everyone else is turning a blind eye. It's got humor, it's got heart, and once you get going, it's a hold-your-breath, edge-of-your-seat kind of ride!

    Full review on my blog: Reapers (Reapers, #1) This is truly an amazing novel. The pacing is lightning-fast and there were so many unexpected twists I could barely keep up. The author uses the unique premise to its full potential. I loved the world-building, loved the characters, and the entire idea was just amazing.

    There are more darker and more mature elements in here than in Bryan Davis' other novels, so I'd recommend for 15+.

    The one thing I wished there was more of is the theme. However, since this was meant to be a face-paced, action-packed dystopian, and that was just what it was, I'm not complaining ;)

    I would highly recommend this book to every dystopian reader! Reapers (Reapers, #1) What I thought:

    I loved this book! Because of Reapers, I now love the genre dytopian. I wasn’t sure I’d like it since I’m not usually one for supernatural books (reapers, zombies, vampires, and the like, but there have been some great exceptions), but I didn’t mind it at all in this book!

    Anyways, Bryan Davis is my all time favorite author. I’ve loved every book of his, and this was no exception.

    This book was great and well written. I was captivated from the start, and I loved it all throughout. It had an interesting concept that was great!

    I’ve only read Bryan Davis write in third-person, so when I began and found out that this was in the first-person, I was surprised and impressed at how well he wrote the story.


    I loved Phoenix. And Mex. And Noah (who’s name is changed later).

    I think my favorite was Mex. I can’t quite place what I like about him, but I just did.

    I did like Shanghai and Singapore (man, aren’t these all great names??), but they’re two girls with a nice, cute boy living right next to them… So you get the idea. ;)


    This book had a great plot! I was instantly drawn into the book, not wanting to put it down.

    I loved the idea that the reapers, those who take souls to their final resting place (ish), are actually trying to find out where exactly those dead souls go, not just dumping them carelessly aside. Gives a little feeling to the stereotypical reaper.


    I didn’t really have any problems with this book. No writing errors or plot holes or anything like that. :)


    While this was a great book, I’m not sure I would let Trevor (my brother) read this yet. There’s nothing inappropriate or anything, just I don’t know about interest level and understanding and the sort.

    I would definitely recommend this book to some pre-teens (as said above, interest, understanding level, and romance-y stuff). But definitely to teenagers, and adults! Reapers (Reapers, #1) I finished reading this at 2:00 in the morning... So I need some time to process. xP Full review coming later. Reapers (Reapers, #1)

    Reapers by Bryan Davis is a refreshing, dystopian novel that dives into the enthralling supernatural tale of two teenage reapers.

    Seeing the first book for the first time, I immediately got thrilled because the blurb has a one of a kind concept.

    World Building:

    The world building is an important part, especially for science fiction, dystopian and fantasy. Fortunately, the author did a good job crafting it superbly. The setting was vividly described and the concepts introduced were well-detailed. Even the small ones, such as how reapers' cloaks are, how reapers were determined and trained, and the valve attached to each reaper, made the world real. The only thing that lacked in details was what happened in the past. For me, it would have been more interesting if the author put more details why they ended up in that situation. Maybe he just wanted to focus more on the present time rather than dwelling on the past.


    The writing style was simple and very easy to understand. The story was told by Phoenix's POV which made the story more engaging. Also, the author also used foreshadowing many times which gave hints and reasons for what might actually happen. I like how these things built both mystery and suspense that made the book hard to put down. The dialogues and interactions of the characters were all very serious. It was totally understandable and expected given the situation they were in. However, a little sense of humor wouldn't hurt, right?


    I haven't read any books where the main characters are reapers because usually, their characters reflect darkness or sometimes they are associated with the bad guys. So reading a book where they are the main characters is both refreshing and compelling. The plot moved quickly, the action was always present, and the conflicts would keep you on the edge. I enjoyed how the small, bizarre details were unfolded as the story went. Also, there is a lot of violence due to its theme of death. I really enjoyed reading most of the book except for the last few chapters. Mainly because I was a little confused about what was happening and everything just happened too fast. I really hope the second book would give light to what happened at the end of the first book.


    Okay, let's start with the main protagonist. Phoenix was a loyal reaper who wanted what was best for his district even when he had to break some protocols against the Council. Being lonely for quite some time, he was easily distracted and absorbed in thoughts when he was with her two female companions, who were both interested in him. To be fair, it was mentioned that it was Phoenix's flaw which he inherited from his grandfather. Next is Singapore, Sing for short. She was a new reaper who was assigned next to Phoenix's district. She easily connected with Phoenix and eventually, became one of his love interest. She hid a lot of mysteries about herself which made her character intriguing. The third one is Shanghai, a badass reaper who was Phoenix's childhood friend. She's straightforward, and always do what she thought was right. Lastly, Alex is the main antagonist in this book. She's heartless, manipulative and did vicious things just to get what she wanted. There isn't much character development in the story since there was no conflict presented that would challenge their characters.

    Overall, Reapers is a quick, gripping novel that readers would love to read. I recommend it to everyone, especially dystopian book lovers. If you are looking for a new, remarkable story, you should grab a copy of this book.

    Thank you, Bryan Davis, for giving me an opportunity to review your book in exchange for an honest review.

    Reapers (Reapers, #1)

    Reapers is the first book in an action-packed sci-fi/fantasy series by Bryan Davis. In an almost post-apocalyptic world the hero Phoenix attempts to serve his reaper sentence. However, problems thwart him from every angle and force him to either stay true to his morals or abandon them all together.

    When first reading the synopsis for Reapers I thought it was a really interesting and unique idea. I think a lot of people, including myself, are fascinated with the idea of what comes after death and this novel explores that. Well, at least it explores how your soul gets from your body to its final resting place.

    Davis took a spin on the typical reaper tale and made the Reapers in his book a staple in society. They weren’t imaginary symbols of death that children were scared of in the dark. They were mythical creatures of death who had once been regular people, forced to serve the reaper sentence.

    The character dynamic was something I really enjoyed in the book. I fell in love with our hero, Phoenix right away (how could I not with such a great name?). The other characters sprinkled in through out the chapters. Davis developed each character in such a way that was illuminating as well as intriguing. Little details would be spread out here and there about each character, similar to a treasure map, where the ‘X’ marked the spot when you finally, satisfyingly understood the character.

    The plot in Reapers flowed well with actions at the beginning of the novel coming back to haunt the characters at the end. The story had fast-paced scenes and steadier ones that allowed my heart beat to slow and rest. All in all, the plot of Reapers was a true moving story with a hundred different pieces that could have fallen apart if they weren’t so expertly crafted. The plot tied the novel together nicely and created an ending while also leaving things unanswered for the rest of the series.

    I would recommend this novel to anyone who is fascinated with life and death, the future, or reapers as themselves. This book might just become one of your favorites.

    Disclaimer: I was given a copy of this novel in exchange for my honest review. Reapers (Reapers, #1) Reapers
    By Bryan Davis

    Without Reapers the dead are trapped on earth, something is keeping them from moving on to the afterlife. They wander in a state of confusion looking for those they have lost.

    Reapers are a select group of people who have been trained to gather the souls of the dead and the dying, providing transport to the Gateway. For the last 3 years Phoenix has been a Reaper collecting the souls within his district. But Phoenix has been smuggling contraband to the poor, hoping to stave off death another day. But someone has discovered Phoenix's secret - the only question is who knows?

    Phoenix has come to the attention of the Gatekeeper and the Resistance and finds himself caught between these factions. But why a teenage Reaper with just 3 years of service would be of importance has Phoenix baffled. And of even greater concern anyone who means anything to him suddenly becomes leverage against him.

    Discovering the truth about the Gateway and the Gatekeeper is imperative, but whom can he trust? Several fellow Reapers are willing to aid Phoenix in his mission, but can he trust them? And how can he determine the truth?

    This is an intense and riveting story that just captures your attention, much as a Reaper collects a soul - it pulls you in. And I really, really want to read book 2 to find out what happens next. What is the truth about the Gateway? Have the Reapers been mislead about the true purpose of their soul collection? Or is the Resistance the true deceiver? And the Gatekeeper is really creepy, but who is he?

    Anyone who has read Bryan Davis's previous books won't be disappointed, unless you want dragons. Fans of Jill Williamson's Safe Lands series or Krista McGee's Anomaly series will want to pick up this series as well.

    I was provided a copy of this book by the author in exchange for my honest review. Reapers (Reapers, #1) From the Christain young-adult fantasy writer who is best known for Dragons In Our Midst, this is a brand new series that was just released last month. It's a dystopian/supernatural tale set in a time when chosen teenagers are trained to reap souls upon death and transport them to everlasting peace at the Gateway...except that they's been lied to and the Gatekeeper is a tyrannical beast and the souls delivered are not safe but betrayed. How I don't know yet, since this is only book 1, but man does Bryan Davis paint a great start to a new kind of story!!

    Likely to read rest of series: YES Reapers (Reapers, #1) I've always loved Bryan Davis's books. They're exciting, they're intense, they're complicated, and they're really weird. So when the first book in his Reapers trilogy was free for a couple days, I jumped at the chance to get it. Surprisingly, I was less than impressed with this book. It did not live up to the writing standard I had come to expect from Bryan Davis's books.

    Writing: 3/5
    I never thought I would get bored reading a Bryan Davis book. However, many times while reading this book, I wanted to put it down and had to force myself to keep reading. part of the reason I was incredibly bored was the very low stakes for the protagonist Phoenix. Nothing was at stake if anything went wrong, which brings me to the other thing that contributed to my boredom: hardly anything went wrong for the characters. It was ridiculous! They wound up just wandering around the concentration camp with a couple ghosts making useless plans that got destroyed in the climax.

    Setting: 4/5
    The world is actually pretty well-built. The settings were pretty vibrant, the descriptions were more than adequate. I could envision the world perfectly. (I left this review in the middle of this section and came back to it days later after being sick, so I honestly don't remember the exact reason I took away a point, though I know the reason was a good one.)

    Plot: 2/5
    Um...what plot? I...don't remember there being much of one. I feel really bad giving it such a low rating, but it honestly just didn't have much of a plot, and what was there was not made clear.

    Character Development: 3/5
    The main characters had no clear goals, and I'm not sure if Phoenix had any at all. They were flat, especially Phoenix, because absolutely nothing happened to stretch his character. He honestly didn't grow at all, he just changed his loyalties (and gosh it took one long boring book to do it!) The antagonist was pretty well done, though, and Mex. Honestly, Mex was more developed as a side character than Phoenix was as a main character.

    I probably wouldn't read the next book in the series if the opportunity arose, nor would I recommend this book. It just wasn't well-written, though maybe some other people would still enjoy it. I have always loved (most of) Bryan Davis's books, and I had expected to like this one as well, but it just wasn't good. Reapers (Reapers, #1)