Ravanayan Finale Part 2 By Vijayendra Mohanty

    This is a book that brings you the important characters of Hanuman, Rama and Ravana like never before. Hanumana is the epitome of unfathomable might, Rama is the royal-blooded fighter of legends and Ravana is the undisputable ruler whom no one can dare to match in terms of power.

    The name of the Showcase Book 2 is Barbareek. Barbareek is about the grandson of none other than Bhim, the Pandava with incredible strength. The story is made fascinating by going into the history of this alluring and magnetic character. Twists and turns in the story and character keep it interesting going till the end. Ravanayan Finale Part 2

    The finale was full of action. Not only does it show some interesting faceoffs like Hanuman vs. Ravana (something that actually happened too), but also the weak human side of Ram, and the sheer difference in power! Raavan turns out to be a greater force of good while Ram is seen as the necessary good of that time. I like the way the story ends. Vijayendra Mohanty Amazing art! Loved the work

    Story isn’t new if you know Valmiki’s Ramayan.

    Author could have explored Ravana’s psyche but then it may have hurt someone’s religious sentiments. So the author played it safe. Vijayendra Mohanty


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