Open Secrets: Indias Intelligence Unveiled By Maloy Krishna Dhar

    The book is written by someone who was in the ring. Now is that better than ring-side view? Definitely shows how the politicians play spoiler & how Pakistan & China take advantage of it all. Its all know yet it provides an in-depth view on how we destroyed NE.

    Its definitely a must read, how long can we avoid or steer clear of acknowledging that we have serious issues in NE that needs to be looked into. Army is not the solution that everybody can blame later. Its time we see this part of the nation stops feeling more akin to China & not India. Maloy Krishna Dhar Intelligence is a tool of statecraft.It helps the state to maintain peace at home and make war and peace abroad.Open secrets reveal how in India they are servants of the people in an elected constitutional democracy.In India an intelligence operator is considered as an officer, he is not an agent in the sense of CIA uses the word.He is often treated as a clerk.This is a big fallacy.A must-read for those that do not understand why some events occur in India the way they do. Maloy Krishna Dhar People of books turn to inflexibility and fundamentalism,when being provoked even slightly

    Open Secrets takes you on journey of deep and dirty corridors of Indian politics,revealing hidden truths and botched up decisions,which are impacting our life even today. I certainly recommend to anyone who is following leaders and their respective ideologies blindly.
    This book is written with detail and efforts given by Maloy Dhar behind this book is reflected clearly. Open secret have enough fire in it,to shake anyone's belief in government. A must read for every Indian citizen.
    Maloy Krishna Dhar I am unsure if it was the writing or the dark reality of it's contents, that made me take over a year to finish this one. Probably a bit of the former and a lot of the later. As a citizen, it was thoroughly depressing to read about the senior bureaucrat's inept attitude and the resulting inaction on vital intelligence inputs, wreaking untold havoc on the country. Sprinkled liberally in between them were the attempts by government to subjugate the IB and use it to topple state governments or dig dirt on opponents to achieve petty political gains.

    I have given it 5 stars not because I enjoyed reading it, but because I think many more need to pick this book up to learn what kind of a sham democracy we willingly live in. Maloy Krishna Dhar An intriguing read. Learnt a lot about the machinations of the IB. As can be expected, it is highly laced with the author's perspectives on what is right and what is not. Also goes to show how poor and unprofessional India's intelligence set-up is especially when compared to the likes of Israel. ( I had recently read a book on the Mossad - and the difference in capabilities between the two countries are startling).

    The author has a good command over the language and has written very well. But I was surprised to see several typos and wrong constructs of languages off and on. Their copy editor seems to have let them down. It seems the book was rushed into publication. Maloy Krishna Dhar


    Summary Open Secrets: Indias Intelligence Unveiled

    Open Secrets: Indias Intelligence Unveiled

    Fascinating account of 29 years of service. Similar to kaoboys of R&AW. Maloy Krishna Dhar Open Secrets - Maloy Krishna Dhar
    An awesome book by MK Dhar an intelligence officer with the Intelligence Beaurea (IB) in India, serving the organization for approximately 30 years, shares great stories around the northeast rebels, story fo sikkim, the emergency during Indira Gandhi's rule, the punjab khalistani operations, the ayodhya case, Bombay bomb blasts, the ways of pakistan based isi in creating instability in various parts of India especially Kashmir and punjab, the Indira Gandhi assassination, the Rajiv Gandhi assassination, the plight of the IB and RAW and CBI all very powerful organisation's that are only answerable to the highest office in the country being PMO, yet being used by political parties to gather intelligence around ensuring big vote banks and maintaining power. #BookLovers #LoveToRead Maloy Krishna Dhar Explosive stuff... recounts quite a bit of the shameless shennigans our elected representatives and our security services have been up to in exploiting most of the problems we face instead of resolving them and how and why these have persisted despite the ostensible weight of the state being flung against them. Mr Dhar candidly writes about the Punjab imbroglio where a raft of vested interests sought to keep fanning the flames of the insurgency for their short-term benefits and might have inflicted more lasting damage had not the insurgents overreached themselves by their wanton criminality and brutality. Also the backdrop of the communal conflagration that was sought to be created for the sake of electoral benefit and reached its shameful heights on Dec 6, 1992, the unprincipled jostling for power in the last four decades..... the catalogue of shameful incidents persists through these pages and should be required reading for any sober-minded countryman who wonders where his India is heading to. Just wish this revealing account had been better edited and proof-read to remove the constant repetition, the persistent misspellings of names and the other niggardly mistakes that bedevil this no-holds-barred story of the farce that Indian polity has been. Maloy Krishna Dhar Fascinating narration by a practitioner who lived his life on his own terms. Dhar is not only brutally frank about the events and the individuals around him, he reveals the contradictions within his own persona eloquently without being defensive about what he thought or did. I have not come across such a detailed account of what happens in the official spy world and how it impacts the lives of important and not so important people. He packs a punch in whatever he says and hold back none even calling the fourth estate members taxis on hire. One may dispute and disagree with some of his actions, specially when he treads into territories that a bureaucrat should normally avoid. Perhaps that proved his undoing. Maloy Krishna Dhar Long, but well written

    This book by an IB sleuth (not RAW) has a slow start, when it talks about problem of the North East. But gradually becomes interesting when it starts talking about tackling Pakistan, internal espionage incidents, etc.

    Some startling revelations like politicians on payroll of ISI, twisting of cases related to national security by ruling party, and the ruling party using intelligence for its own electoral and political benefits will leave you in disgust.

    Good read! Maloy Krishna Dhar