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    Libros ejemplares, pero los metió de mala manera en la caja y estaban dañados! Que decepción. Comprar para otros Tercer libro de la obra definitiva de Brandon Sanderson. Después de meses esperandolo, aunque sea un buen tocho te sabe a poco. El libro sigue ampliando el mundo de Roshar, con nuevas informaciones y secretos Totalmente recomendable, y esperando ya impaciente al cuarto. Comprar para otros Long time Sanderson reader, had to wait for Hero of Ages to be released and although that was a little disappointing I was not angry at having my time wasted. There is no doubt Sanderson is the preeminent fantasy writer of our age, when he's on he's simply the best at what he does (Well Unless you want Grim dark then it's Lord Grimdark himself). Oathbringer was preordered and started day of release. Since then it has been picked up and put down multiple times in frustration. I rarely put down books, if I do they don't get picked back up (and I can remember all the books this has happened to), and it's only due to wanting to know Kaladins story, and a certain amount of sunk cost theory that I have persevered. At its core this is not a good book: 2/10 at best needing a massive edit to remove meaningless/soapy side story that adds no value to you as a reader. There are some great bits (everytime the big bad turns up) , and some key moments with Wit in amongst the soapy teenage drama moments. The drift from Kaladin is also highly noticeable to a whiny teenage girl. Is this an ewok tactic to appeal to a different market while alienating others?Yes, I am angry at this book, it's a waste of a great talent, its a waste of reading effort already lumped into the two worthies previous tomes, and I'm assuming this is due to Sanderson becoming a business and not a writer. I'm looking at Rhythm of War and wondering if its worth the time? Too many books in the world to waste on badly edited fantasy soap. It seems Sanderson has reached that point where the bandwagon jumpers have arrived and we no longer get any objectivity and only stanning reviews. Comprar para otros Fantastic book, as the rest of the series, though a bit too long, and certain moments are solved in a not very satisfactory way. Comprar para otros I read the first book not long after its initial release and had to suffer a long four year wait to read part two of the series, aware that this was going to be a epic story. At the conclusion of reading part two I was gobsmacked at how good the story was and the cliffhanger ending left me gagging for , hoping that Brandon was going to get to work on the next book sooner rather than later. Well, three and a half years later and we have part three and it is all I expected, but not quite.Looking on when I bought part two I read that it was the second part of a three part series, so I assumed that this book was going to be the culmination of the series. As such, I have been avoiding reading any reviews for fear of picking up spoilers to the story line and finally got round to reading it over the last month (real life issues prevented me from starting to read it on the day of release!!). The book is so long it is hard to believe anyone could have the imagination and skill with wordsmithing to be able to put the story together as the author has managed and for it to be only part of a bigger story.I read the books on Kindle so only have a little indicator showing what percentage of the book I have read so far and as I was approaching 75% complete I started to think How can he possibly close this story out before the end of the book and the series? There are so many story arcs to deal with here. That is when the dawning realisation came over me that this book is not, after all, the final book in a series of three it is only part three of what is currently and indeterminate number of books in the series. And I am not sure how I feel about that. I am happy that there is of this story to come, but also apprehensive about how much padding could end up in future episodes to bulk the story out. For all of the material in the book the story itself does not move on much from where we left off at the end of part two. In fact, the whole three books only cover around one year's worth of story time and it is hard to imagine a action packed year!! The one thing that I really liked about the book was how all of the various characters that we have come across in the Interludes between sections of the previous books become relevant. Things like I remember her she's the one that had to look after a patch of grass to prove herself. And yes, there are parts of the book that give you goosebumps as you read it, as someone else pointed out in another review. eg Lift became awesome.Overall, I have to give the book five stars. It is still a book that pulls you in and grabs you and won't let go. You want to read further to find out how things work in this world, what can the characters do, what new powers will they get when they move through the levels of Radiance, what exactly is a spren, etc. I am looking forward to reading further, but at the moment I would rather that Brandon wraps it all up in the next book. Don't ruin a masterpiece by fleshing out the future storyline too much please. Comprar para otros


    De momento (por la mitad) el más flojo. Pero si te gusta la saga lo disfrutarás Comprar para otros Es el mejor de la saga hasta ahora, y solo hace que tengamos más y más ganas de leer el siguiente. Se hace un poco pesado al poco más de la mitad (la parte de Kolinar) pero el final es espectacular. Lectura totalmente recomendada. PD. Este Comprar para otros I bought this book as used and the listing said that the book is in very good condition, but the book cover and the first page are ripped. Also, there are some damaged pages but that's not a big deal. Comprar para otros La trama es sencillamente genial. Golpes de efecto muy bien colocados en la trama general. Como otras veces, al final de libro se desenrrollan todas las tramas y se resuelven las cosas de formas inesperadas. Se mantiene la caldiad del primer y segundo libro. Se Comprar para otros Amazing, an absolutely riveting read, every point of view makes you understand why the character does what they do even when you dont agree. Comprar para otros

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