No Turning Back By Patricia Anne Phillips

    Patricia Anne Phillips ↠ 3 characters

    Darian thinks her life is great in Los Angeles - perfect job, perfect home and glamorous lifestyle. But, when her sister Monique dies of cancer she is forced to return to her childhood home in New Orleans to care for her family, and to raise Monique's orphaned children. No Turning Back

    Although I have enjoyed Ms Phillips works in the past, I had a few issues with this book. For one, it ticked me off that the children's grandmother Shirlee didn't want her own grandkids in order to keep her own marriage to a younger man floating and made her surviving daughter, Darian quit a lucrative job in L.A.,relocate back home. I have been in a similar situation and would have gladly done it, but I felt it was an unfair choice and it took a situation for Shirlee to realize that she should have the kids but by then, the kids had already adjusted to their aunt Darian although initially, it wasn't an ideal situation for either the aunt or the kids, but things worked out great in the end. Another thing that disturbed was her boyfriend's mother. She had deep rooted problems with Creoles because of her own experiences in the past and although the son, Brad didn't know that, perhaps he could have tried to understand more as well. It wasn't right what the mother did and in time, her sins found her out. Quite an interesting read. English