No Ordinary Olive By Roberta Baker

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    In the spirit of Eloise and Today I Feel Silly, Baker pens a winning story about an irreverent little girl named Olive. Full color. No Ordinary Olive

    A very cute book about a little girl with a name you cannot ignore. Olive. Her school principal only misunderstands her creativity. Smart teachers help this stiff neck see that Olive is just outside the box. A great book that honors individuality. English LOVE LOVE LOVE this book! So much fun! It was so great to read something that had to do with not crushing children's creativity and how to handle those quirky kids! Such a fun read. We used it in a literature circle and it was interesting to see how much each of our roles pulled out of the book for us. I'd never thought of doing a literature circle with a children's book, but it totally works. Great to start your literature circles off with before you get into bigger books or just great for younger kids to do. English This story is about a little girl named olive who is misunderstood for a trouble maker, even though she is just trying to do nice things for people.I love this story about olive because it reminds me that children aren't necesssarily out to do horrible things. English I love this book. Olive is different than everyone else, and she embraces it. She is creative and shows the world that there is more than one way to do something. Children could benefit from reading this because they would believe in the creativity they have within themselves. English This was one of my favorite books when I was 4 and 5, and I never really learned it's name, I just memorized where it was in the library. So here it is, at least 2 siblings since last time I read the book, and thanks to amazing google, I've found it! :D English

    Love it! Great for quotes! Great for reader's theatre! English This book is a great book to read to first through 5th grade students who are having a hard time accepting themselves and using their imagination. Entering a school can be very difficult for students especially when they are insecure about certain aspects of themselves. Students who use their English I loved this book because it reminded me of well... me when I was a kid! I really liked it a lot because I could realate to it! English Olive does everything in her world a little differently. Cute book, good illustrations. English This book is a great way to open up school to show it is our difference that make us great. English